(Embassy) Kennan

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(Embassy) Kennan

Post  Samukan on Sun Jun 16, 2013 12:18 pm

Samukan News Network World Alliance
Welcome! This is the first broadcasting of the SNN World Alliance channel, which will be bringing news about Kennan to the World Alliance. We hope that you enjoy the goings-on in Kennan, and hope to hear from you!

Regional Government
The Kennan regional government is comprised of the Kennan Regional Council - the democratic legislative body that works similarly to the United Nations - and the Kennan Union - the democrat judicial body that operates similarly to a court in the United States. The regional government has the highest authority of law in Kennan, and all countries in Kennan must obey it.

Currently, there is no ongoing resolution or trial in the regional government. However, Samukan has been working on a constitution to reorganize the government and to clarify the powers of the KRC and the KU.

Notable Events
In several countries in Kennan, creatures called Pokémon exist. These countries - which include Samukan, Jakeopia, Hackleberry Islands, and Sandwich Territories - have established Pokémon Leagues to allow trainers to pit their Pokémon against each other in battles. Note that these battles are very humane, and no Pokémon has sustained serious injury in these battles.

During the past few months, two extremist groups known as Team Rocket and Team Plasma have been competing with each other to gain control of Kennan. Recently, two legendary Pokémon used by the criminal organizations - Zekrom and Lugia - caused a massive hurricane that covered Kennan. Within a few days, the hurricane subsided, with the most damage being in western Samukan.

Sovereign State

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Re: (Embassy) Kennan

Post  Great Eurussia on Sun Jun 16, 2013 12:55 pm

Thank you for creating your embassy thread in the World Alliance!

Please keep us updated! :-)

May we have more engagements with other members of your region!
Great Eurussia

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