(Embassy) The Species Alliance

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(Embassy) The Species Alliance

Post  Ezeni'Alarr on Thu Jul 04, 2013 7:41 pm

Greetings, I am Ezeni'Alarr, quarian councillor for the Species Alliance. I welcome the establishment of diplomatic relations on behalf of my people and, more importantly, every member of our Alliance.

It has been a full standard century since the galactic scale threat, known as the Reapers, has been defeated with the combined efforts of most sentient species. Following that hard-earned victory, a lengthy restoration process began. Even now, large areas of the Galaxy have remained cut off for decades.

For many nations surviving alone has been entirely out of question due to the immense destruction wrought by the unforgiving enemy. Thus, the Species Alliance was founded as a coordinational structure, preserving the arduously reached heights of unity and cooperation.

While we cannot maintain a permanent presense in your region at the time, the specialists currently arriving will setup a surplus post-war quantum entanglement array, which will enable instant communication, should a need for inquiries arise.

(OOC: We are a small roleplaying region set primarily in the Mass Effect universe a century after the events of the series (please refer to our factbooks for more info). However, we have a place for races from other sci-fi settings, provided they don't break the canon too much.

We always welcome new participants. Please note that out-of-character speech in region board must be marked as such.

If anyone has questions, I will eagerly answer.)

Contact information:
The Free Land of Quarian People, my home
The Disputed Territories of Krogan, our otherwise available representative
The Colony of Benning, Species Alliance administrator

Sovereign State

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Re: (Embassy) The Species Alliance

Post  Great Eurussia on Thu Jul 04, 2013 10:11 pm

Welcome to the World Alliance! Some of our colleagues here are into roleplay as well sometimes on space age :-)
Great Eurussia

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