Registry of Immigration Policy

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Registry of Immigration Policy

Post  Yellasia on Wed Oct 02, 2013 11:53 am

Your nationstates nation, not your real country.

I'm curious about what citizenship and immigration policies you all have for you nation. This is partly inspired by a discussion in the RMB at the moment.

For Yellasia it's something like this:

Resident visas issued for family, work, educational, and asylum purposes.
-Marriage to a Yellasian national guarantees permanent residency; citizenship issued after application and three years residency.
-Family visas (non-marriage); close relatives (siblings, parents) are given priority over more distant relatives.
-Any child of a Yellasian permanent resident and who is not a citizen has the right to reside in Yellasia if they are under 18.
-Work visas; priority given to skilled workers when applicants are coming to Yellasia for the sole purpose of work, unless an unskilled worker applies for one of Yellasia's public unskilled workers programme. A cap is often placed on unskilled work visas when the need arises.
-Asylum visas; self-explanatory- those fleeing war or persecution are given priority but many who are simply from poor countries are also eligible upon application (a cap may be placed on this).
-Student visas; self-explanatory- does not directly lead to permanent residency, but those with an established presence in Yellasia may switch to a different visa after their studies.

Citizens of the Vinatta Union, Dromoda, and Eurussia have visa waivers, but the same citizenship policies apply.

-By birth; those born to a Yellasian parent are entitled to citizenship. There is no birthright citizenship in Yellasia unless someone is stateless at birth or the parents are unknown.
-By naturalisation; after five years of legally residing in Yellasia, three years if applicant is on a marriage or asylum visa with permanent residency. No citizenship test, but background checks may be issued, and a basic language test is issued.

Citizenship is largely symbolic; permanent residency grants most rights, the most notable exclusion being the ownership of a Yellasian passport.

So yeah, a bit of a dry topic but I'm curious.

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Re: Registry of Immigration Policy

Post  Marquette (of Pacific) on Wed Oct 02, 2013 9:55 pm

It's not dry to me! I LOVE this kind of stuff!

For Marquette:


- Visas issued for Family, Work, Educational, or Asylum.
- Family visas are for 7 years.
- Work visas are for 3, 5, and 7 years.
- Educational visas are 5 years.
- Asylum visas are determined on the situation.
- Marquette has set limits on how long visas last to regulate illegal immigration and immigrants not leaving after their visa expires. There are no exceptions to how long a visa can last, ever.
-There are no exceptions to Vinatta Union member states. However, visas for Marquette are much easier to obtain if one is a member of the Vinatta Union.
- No visas lead to permanent citizenship.


- One must have lived in Marquette for 10 years with proof of their paying taxes to gain Marquetien citizenship.
- If one is born in Marquette or one of its commonwealth nations or protectorates to parents who are citizens of Marquette, their child is automatically a citizen.
- Children born in Marquette who's parents are not citizens do not automatically get Marquetien citizenship just from being born in the nation.
- Persons who are born in foreign nations to one or two parents who are Marquetien citizens or were born in Marquette to Marquetien parents can gain citizenship from living in Marquette for 2 years.
- People who were born in Marquette or one its commonwealth nations or protectorates to Marquetien parents have the right to Marquetien citizenship for life, unless they are exiled by the government.
- Citizens not born in Marquette, people who may have been born in foreign countries of non-Marquetien parents, or people in Marquette on visas (who may have parents of any nationality) may have their visa or citizenship revoked for any reason, if a judge in Marquette finds enough evidence against the person in question.
- Marriage: If one has lived in Marquette for at least 5 years and has been married for three years they are granted citizenship.
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Re: Registry of Immigration Policy

Post  England and Wales on Sun Nov 02, 2014 5:42 pm

Visitors are aloud to stay a year at most
Students may stay for 2 years
Families may stay for 5 years
Asylum Seekers are welcome to the nation
People in retirement may stay for 7 years
Anyone seeking military service may stay for life

If you are born they you are A citizen
Any one who stays for 5 years and pays taxes may become a citizen
anyone in the military are citerzens
If you are born in The order of atlantican knights (remains of the old nation that came before it) you are a citizen as well
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Re: Registry of Immigration Policy

Post  azon on Fri May 01, 2015 3:01 am

Visitors: MUST inform Azon authorities how long they will be staying (maximum time is 1 month)

Students: MUST inform Azon authorities what school they are studying at and for how long (Visa will be issued based on how long education will take place).

Work: People working in Azon are allowed permanent residence along with their families

Asylum: People escaping political, religious persecution are welcome to Azon

Born in Azon
Person who has come to work permanently at Azon

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Re: Registry of Immigration Policy

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