WA Territorial Waters Act

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WA Territorial Waters Act

Post  Great Eurussia on Thu Mar 06, 2014 12:57 am

Authored by the Empire of Great Eurussia
Member of the World Alliance Royalist Party

IMPORTANT NOTE: WA Map Scale has been reduced from 3000 KM to 1000 KM to make the map realistic. This was done after this law has been passed. Therefore, ALL the figures in this law as 3,000 km referring to the Old Map Scale, will automatically become 1,000 km referring to the new and currently used New WA Map Scale.



Red Block - Universally accepted measurement based on the WA Map

Red Line - 3,000 km measurement from the shoreline of Eurussia
Blue Line - 3,000 km measurement from the shoreline of New Zealand

White Line - Meeting Point from the shorelines of Eurussia and New Zealand

Purple Lines - The results of Point A and Point B of a nation's irregular shorelines

The Eurussian Empire, as a responsible sovereign state, in our aims to establish an international system based on rules and to ensure that all nations of the world enjoy their sovereignty recognized by the WA Constitution, and in our aims to ensure that all nations of the world can also enjoy their presumed territorial waters and exploit all its resources for their own good which unfortunately is not governed by international laws, do hereby proposes the World Alliance Territorial Waters Act.

Section 1
Recognizing that all sovereign states have all the rights to exercise their sovereignty over their exclusive land territories, including the airspace above those land territories and the subterranea of those land territories, do hereby acknowledge that this international law is necessary as to define the limitations of all sovereign states in exercising their sovereignty over areas with possible overlapping territorial sovereignty so as to resolve any possible territorial dispute in the world and maintain long lasting peace.

Section 2
All nations shall enjoy a 3,000 kilometer territorial waters from their shorelines (as shown by the red block on the map) where they can exercise sovereignty over its resources, seabed, and airspace. If such defined territorial waters overlaps (as shown by the red and blue lines on the map) the meeting point (as shown by the white line on the map) shall be the outermost limit of a nation's territorial waters from its shorelines.

Section 3
All lands, waters, and airspace, not covered by a nation's sovereignty shall be considered as international neutral zones, such that for lands to be referred to as international lands; for waters to be referred to as international waters; and for airspace to be referred to as international airspace, shall be enjoyed by all nations for purposes of navigation and shall never be harmed nor exploited without a duly enforced international law.

Section 4
In supporting Section 3, with respect to navigation, and subjecting Section 2, for purposes of preserving the freedom of navigation not just in international lands, international waters, and international airspace (as shown in the delimited territorial waters of Eurussia and New Zealand), all territorial waters from the outermost limits of multiple opposing territorial waters, shall reserve a 50 kilometer innocent passage, wherein such privilegewhich also applies on its airspace, can be used by any nation for purposes of exercising the freedom of navigation without any interference from the host nation exercising sovereignty over such territorial waters provided that the vessels or aircraft using that innocent passage shall possess no absolute threat to the host nation.

Section 5
In case of a body of water is surrounded by a single nation with no possibility of contested claim by other nation (as shown by the purple lines on the map) and if the nation draws a straight line from its two shorelines, all waters within that line all the way to that nation's shorelines (as shown by the purple arrows on the map), that body of water shall be considered that nation's territorial waters, as well. And if a body of water is absolutely enclosed by a nation's shoreline from all sides, that body of water is exclusively that nation's internal waters, which shall be treated the same way as to a territorial land.

Section 6
If two or more nations willingly enters into agreement that delineates their respective territorial waters, automatically including its airspace, beyond the prescribed delimitation as provided for by this international law, such agreement shall be honored by all nations provided that such delineation of their concerned territories does not in anyway affect another nation's internationally recognized sovereign territory as enshrined in this international law.

Section 7
Hence, if a sovereign state, in accordance with this international law, has a duly and legally defined territorial sovereignty over its land, water, and air, such jurisdictions shall be referred respectively as territorial landsterritorial waters, and territorial airspace. And any dispute arises from any conflicting provisions of this international law shall be resolved peacefully through the World Alliance Court of Justice.

OOC: I've worked hard for this for a long time so that we can add another dimension to our RP and you can all draw territorial waters on your maps :-) I hope you support it and if you have any other revisions or additions, feel free to do so! Thank you!

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