WA Health Agency Act

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WA Health Agency Act

Post  Great Eurussia on Tue Sep 30, 2014 11:11 am

Authored by the Empire of Great Eurussia

Logo of the WAHA

Headquarters of the World Alliance Health Agency

In light of the recent deadly breakout of 'Ebola V2 Virus' in Muchos Estados Unidos that already claimed hundreds of lives and prompted governments to enforce military and economic countermeasures to prevent the spread of the deadly strain of ebola to other countries, the Eurussian Government proposes to create an international body that will coordinate all public health research against diseases and allow the Security Council to have an institutional arm to deal with particular health crisis. Hence, we propose the World Alliance Health Agency Act.

Section 1 - Objectives

The World Alliance Health Agency shall serve as a unique and specialized agency of the World Alliance under the authority of the Security Council that will manage affairs of all nations regarding public health. The WAHA shall coordinate all international initiatives on public health without prejudice to the inherent rights of nation states.

Section 2 - Leadership

The de facto leadership of the WAHA shall be handled by a Eurussian (Eurussia) official, by default, as the Director General. And may be handed over to other nations for the efficiency of the WAHA without prejudice to the SC.

All subordinate hierarchy may be arranged accordingly.

Section 3 - Organization

The headquarters of the WAHA shall be located in Saint Petersburg, Eurussia. And each continent shall have their respective WAHA offices based on each of the WA Neutral Territory respectively. They are as follows:

  • WAHA Office in Asia 
  • WAHA Office in Iberia 
  • WAHA Office in Atlantis
  • WAHA Office in Olympia 
  • WAHA Office in Oceania 
  • WAHA Office in Arcadia 
  • WAHA Office in Anatolia 
  • WAHA Office in Polynesia 
  • WAHA Office in Magnesia 
  • WAHA Office in Phoenicia
  • WAHA Office in Erythraea 
  • WAHA Office in Micronesia 
  • WAHA Office in Mnemosyne

Section 4 - Funding, Membership

The funding for the administration of the WAHA shall be provided by the Security Council and all its initiatives where voluntary financing from member states shall not be impeded. All nation states of the World Alliance are member states of the WAHA without prejudice to their sovereign rights as nations and maybe subject to its policies unless otherwise with their explicit refusal.

Section 5 - Global Health Emergency

A Global Health Emergency is an official declaration of the state of public health in any part of the world from the Security Council upon the recommendation of the WAHA on its will or by request of a member state. Under a Global Health Emergency situation, the recommended actions of the WAHA to eliminate a particular threat to public health are authorized by the Security Council to be enforced to certain or all member states. Furthermore, under a Global Health Emergency situation, WAHA Funds may be utilized to aid certain or all member states to achieve the aims and objectives of the WA Health Agency.

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