The Vuković Royal Award

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The Vuković Royal Award

Post  Ebsotz on Wed Dec 17, 2014 9:35 am


This award is given to those who show true excellency, revolutionizing inventions, or peace.


This award is a serious one, showing appreciation to those who revolutionized the World Alliance. These topics include Medicine, Arts, Inventions, Peace, and much more. A winner gets selected every week for different topics, as I said earlier. The Award is given to the Leader of the Country, from the Great Emperor himself, with a papyrus sheet of paper, hand-signed by the Emperor. The Award is a solid Gold coin, with platinum and silver details on the coin. The Coin is approximately worth about 3.8 Billion Luxos, which is more than 5 Billion U.S. Dollars. This is a very cherished award.

Winners of this Award will be announced over a dispatch in NationStates. This is somewhat of a spin-off of the Nobel Peace Prize, except there is more topics to choose from, and the coin is worth MUCH more. The Empire of Great Eurussia is also associated with this Award, as he is also granting and reporting the to Emperor to whom is the best in which topic.

Thank you very much.

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