Possible Delegate Elections

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Possible Delegate Elections

Post  Kingdom of Ireland on Mon Jan 05, 2015 12:39 pm

While I am not a member of the WA i think it would be a good idea to have official WA delegate elections. I think this would make people think that the office of the Delegate is a stable one, it would let people think they have a say in the WA before a bill hits the floor, and it would let people that don't want to join the forums still be active in the government. Thoughts?
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Re: Possible Delegate Elections

Post  Xolox on Mon Jan 05, 2015 12:53 pm

There are already dynamic, ongoing WA elections, and they are exclusive to WA members for a reason. Why should a non-WA-member care who votes on a law that doesn't affect them? I know, as a WA-member, I would be pretty mad if people not affected by these laws choose who I have to endorse(who may have a different stance on things than I). The delegacy is stable, the office has been held consistently for 118 days. Were you looking for a different word? Like I said: people who should be concerned about having a say in the WA do have a say in the WA, they have the ability to choose who their delegate is by endorsing people who they like or are okay with representing them. If people want a say on the bill, just join the WA, and they can still be active in the government without joining the forums(If I must say it again, by joining the WA).

The position is functioning perfectly and as intended. You are just trying to complicate it.
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