Scouting's Platform As Vice-President

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Scouting's Platform As Vice-President

Post  UnitedStatesOfScouting on Wed Jan 28, 2015 5:09 am

Scouting Declares Interest in WASC Vice-Presidency, Declares Platform

Scouting has expressed interest in taking the Vice-Presidency, which was vacated by the Grand Empire of Xolox. We support the actions of Xolox, as we, together, were attempting to push reforms forward as the WASC is still currently in a defunct state. In order to reform the World Alliance Security Council, Scouting has come up with a plan to run with.

First and foremost, the most important focus of my platform is -REPRESENTATION- While Scouting represents the continent of Iberia, we represent only two nations. However, one of the first things we did when coming into office was message our constituents and offer to hear out their concerns regarding WA affairs. We also asked them to message us at anytime during a WASC discussion to give their input so that we could voice it for them. While we obviously have no clue if any of the other candidates have done so, we would like to highlight the importance of communication between you and your constituents.

The idea behind holding a WASC seat seems to have gotten confused ever since Scouting entered office. We've seen many WASC nations state that certain bills hold no interest to their nation or don't directly influence them. While we feel that it's the right of the WASC members to hold what they feel is right for their nation while considering legislature, we also feel that the WASC members need to consult their constituents, if they alone cannot make a decision. Essentially, WASC Members REPRESENT their continents, whom are considered 'their people'.

Scouting's main focus is to rotate the spotlight back at the people and to get their voices heard. We plan to do this by encouraging WASC members to consult their constituents and by condemning those who don't. Granted, you cannot force your constituents to give you an opinion, although you can always extend the hand. We will suggest that WASC members found to be ignoring the voice of their constituents be removed.

Our second major focus for our platform is WASC REFORMS. We feel that bills such as New Rhodinia's proposed "WA Voting Reforms Act" will improve the way that the WASC operates. We also feel it important that the President and Vice-President receive more capabilities to perform their duties in a better manner. Scouting will be working with other WASC members and other concerned parties to reform the WASC, as it's clearly defunct.

The first step of reform, after the "WA Voting Reforms Act" is passed is to remove all of the inactive WASC members. Inactivity is not limited to just not "logging on" or reviewing legislature. Inactivity includes a long history of not voting on legislature or "default abstentions", repeated lengths of 3+ days of inactivity on a regular basis, and failure to keep up with role-play and international news. It's the duty of WASC members to stay informed with what's going on within the World Alliance region, and persons who don't, really don't deserve to hold a position representing those people who inhabit this region. Furthermore, any member of the WASC whom is seen as intentionally harming the region, to consistently vote "abstain" on legislature or resolutions will be motioned to be removed. While they may be attempting to declare "Neutrality", they're really just harming the capabilities of the WASC to pass legislature. While we understand a nation's reasoning to occasionally "abstain" from a vote, those whom do it to just declare "Neutrality" aren't helping the people of the World Alliance.

One of Scouting's discussion topics to bring up after these two events as described above, is to discuss with the WASC the possibility of removing the "Abstain" option entirely. As the "WA Voting Reforms Act" will allow for abstentions, it will still count negatively against votes. Essentially, you're really just say "No" in a nice way with an abstention vote. We'd feel that the WASC would be better off with only counting Yea/Nay votes, while still allowing the abstentions to occur, but without affecting the outcome of the vote.

Another of Scouting's discussion topics to bring up is to discuss the possibility of having the President the capability to declare a "WASC (or) Government Emergency". As such this would allow the President to step in and make changes as needed. Should any changes be made, the WASC, once out of the declared emergency, could repeal any changes by a certain % in a vote. While this needs to be discussed more and refined, we feel that this is a step that needs to be taken in order to prevent another "Government Shutdown" as we're seeing today.

While Scouting has many more topics for reform, we feel that these are the most pressing topics at this time. We will share more in the future, regardless if we're chosen for the Vice-Presidency or not. Reforms for the WASC are one of the most important items on the platform for Scouting.

The third, and final major focus for Scouting's Platform is WASC Elections. We feel that it's important that the constituents of each continent get their opinion in of who they want representing their interests. This will also hold each WASC member more accountable to the people. We'd like to open this discussion to the rest of the region before forming a recommendation on how elections should be run, but currently we're in favor of continent-based elections. For those continents with few inhabitants or inactive inhabitants, we suggest that those continents continue to be appointed.

In conclusion, Scouting is the right choice for the Vice-Presidency. You can expect to be able to come to us with your problems or concerns and we will listen. You can expect an efficient and well working, reformed WASC with us. And finally, you can expect a true "Representative Democracy" within the World Alliance Security Council. Please feel free to leave comments or questions in this thread, as we welcome feedback.
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