Konzbator Peace Summit

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Re: Konzbator Peace Summit

Post  DPRNK on Wed Mar 11, 2015 4:06 pm

President Leem has left the room and intentionally left a note which states.

Let it be known that the Republic of New Korrea will never give up its lands to imperialists. Never.

This imperialist lead by Artite and Xolox and Wirbankia and Zanland and Chackle kept saying President Leem is corrupt so they declared war on me. They want to replace me. They invaded my country and killing thousands of people with their bombings and attacks. They called for "peace talks" then demanded me to sign and agree to divide my country and give it to them. They are also wanted New Korrea to forgeit our WASC seat because we object to them because of their warmongering attitude and lots of wars created. They do not respect the law and do not respect other nations. When they cannot get what they want they leave the talks as if they won their invasion but not. The Korrean resolve to fight for justice will remain. This started with imperialist Artite who cannot defend why legal his illegal occupation of his self declared principality inside my country and he has no choice but war. His so called liberation to remove old dictator is false. When the dictator was deposed Xolox kept him and allowed him to live in a palace. We patiently asked for their return to be put on trial but they never send the dictator back. This is the greatest insult of all and now they want my country to be given to them? NO. NO. NO. Pathetic. Here is the proof.


Where is justice here? This does not stop here. WA must teach these imperialist a lesson they deserve.
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Re: Konzbator Peace Summit

Post  Shockwave on Thu Dec 24, 2015 11:54 pm

Locked as event has been closed by author.

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