The idea behind your nation

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The idea behind your nation

Post  Apepistan on Fri Mar 06, 2015 10:14 pm

It's a rather simple thread! Tell us what gave you inspiration to make your nation.
What gave you the idea for the political structure, history, flag, ethnicity, culture, etc, of your nation.

Let me start:

I really like the middle-asian steppe cultures, the way they mix tradition and new ideas. My main inspiration for Apepistan came from a simple train of thought: What would have happened if old tribal coalitions from middle asia survived into modern age - without forced foreign ideas (like how communism was forced on the many -istans IRL).

The result: A multicultural federal state with a single monarch, a modern tribal federation. The tribes still have their own culture, language and authonomy - but with a rather central government. Traditions still play a big role in customs, as laws are few and simple. There is nobility, but most things are rather earned than inherited. This is also why you see so many kinds of people in my news posts and governments - I use turkish, turkmen, kazakh, mongol, and even hungarian faces and names.

The governing body (the Council of the United Kingdoms in Apepistan) is basically a tribal meeting, where the delegations of the tribes discuss their common concerns.

The main inner conflicts are between centralisation and decentralisation of the nation, and modernisation vs. traditionalism.

Also this picture gave me the final push towards making this nation in Nationstates:

So, tell us what made you create your nation, and what inspiration you had for it!
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Re: The idea behind your nation

Post  Shockwave on Fri Mar 06, 2015 11:14 pm

I sorta imagined mine like an African/European type nation with a single oppressive ruler.
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