Registry of National Political Parties

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Registry of National Political Parties

Post  West Phoenicia on Thu Apr 02, 2015 9:23 pm

Thought it would be good to get an idea of other nations main political parties and that parties leaders.
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Re: Registry of National Political Parties

Post  West Phoenicia on Thu Apr 02, 2015 9:34 pm

The main political parties of West Phoenicia are;

West Phoenician First Party: Leader Hon Grace Aiten

Beliefs: Centre-Right: National Pride. Citizens first.  Economy. WP Equality.  Gun rights. Increase minimum wage. More public hospitals and schools. Stable government. Balanced military.

The Antebellum Party: Cardinal Jack Portland

Beliefs: Right wing. Conservative values. Agricultural support. Supporter of Volunteer Prison Labor Act. Large military.  Opposes nuclear weapons. Gun rights. Increase minimum wage. Increase in public hospitals..

The West Phoenician Aristocracy Party: Baroness Honey Baroda

Beliefs: Right Wing. Supports The Aristocracy class and more benefits for them. Supports social class hierarchy.Support lowering minimum wage of working class. Small government.  Supports the Let them eat cake act. Supports more police on the beat. Supports more prisons and tougher sentences. Tax breaks for nobilty class members of the nation.

The Segregation Party: Hon Martina Rose

Beliefs: Right wing. Supports Segregation by economic class. Supports let them eat cake act. Support big military and small government.  Supports the arts. And decreased funding to low class university students. Increase in private hospitals and private schools. Decrease in welfare benefits

Conservative Party: Hon Jimmy Bain

Beliefs: Centre-Moderate. balanced economy. Small government.  Tough prison sentences. Social welfare. Smaller military.  Open diplomacy . Greater trade. Education Equality.gun rights.

Socialist Party: Eddie Rox-Indi

Beliefs: left wing. Big government.  Lesser prison sentences. Decrease military and police force. Open immigration.  Multi culutalism  ending social hireacrhy  removing control of church in government affairs
. Gay marriage. Euthanasia. Opening of more abortion clincs. And leagalising drugs. Decrease in gun ownership.  Increase in welfare.

Christian Democrats: Hon Karen Woods

Beliefs Moderate-Right. Conservative moral values. Pro life, pro military,  More church involvement in government. Economy.  Non military aggression. Social justice. Gun licenses. Pro traditional marriage. Education rights.

Animal Justice Party: Amanda Chatterman

Beliefs: Left wing extreme left. Increased rights for animals. Environment issues. Gay marriage. Animal equality.   Banning animal testing. Support alternative energy and organic food.

West Phoenicia First Party:70 seats
Segregation Party: 15 seats
Animal Justice Party: 3 seats
Antebellum Party:41 seats
Christian Democrats:10 seats
WP Aristocracy Party:30 seats
Socialist Party: 6 seats
Conservative Party: 25 seats

200 members in the West Phoenicia Congress

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Re: Registry of National Political Parties

Post  Apepistan on Thu Apr 02, 2015 9:41 pm

The political structure in the United Kingdoms of Apepistan is the following:

The people vote for mayors for their own towns/villages/small regions.
The mayors vote for regional representatives for the Council of Kingdoms. (each kingdom has it's own council, overall there are 34 Council of Kingdoms.)
The Council of Kingdoms elects 2 delegates into the Council of the United Kingdoms. Therefore, the Council of the United Kingdoms have 68 members currently.
The head of the Council of the United Kingdoms is Ahet-Apep LII, the monarch.

There are no official parties, but there are unofficial "leagues" between the delegates. 3 major, notable pairs are:
The "Centalist League" who have the centralisation of the United Kingdoms on their agenda, their opposition is the "Separatist League", who want even higher authonomy for each Kingdom.

There is the "League of Aristocrats" who hold the elite's interest in priority, and their opposition is the "Commoner League" or "Common League".

Last but not least there is the "Conservative League" or "Traditionalist League" who want an isolationist, closed border, minimal foreign diplomacy politic for Apepistan, and their counterpart is the "Modern League" who want to achieve the greater good of Apepistan through international partnerships and deals.

As opposed to a party system, one delegate can be member of several leagues, for example one can be Centralist-Aristocrat-Modern, Separatist-Commoner-Modern, Centralist-Commoner-Conservative, etc.
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Eurussian Empire

Post  Great Eurussia on Thu Apr 02, 2015 10:27 pm

Major Eurussian Political Parties
Major Eurussian Political Parties
Major Eurussian Political Parties
Major Eurussian Political Parties
Major Eurussian Political Parties
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Re: Registry of National Political Parties

Post  Kingdom of Ireland on Fri Apr 03, 2015 1:24 am

Below is a Parliamentary Diagram for the Dail Eireann(the lower house of the Oirechtas).
Sinn Fein

Leader: Gerry Adams

Beliefs:anti-austerity, democratic socialism, Irish nationalism, utilities(such as water) should be a human right, educational priority, low taxes, lower debt, balanced budget, getting Ireland back to work.

Sinn Fein currently controls 117/166 seats in the Dail Eireann or 70.5% of total seats in the Dail.

Fine Gael

Leader:Enda Kenny

Beliefs:higher taxes is what is needed to pay off budget and debt problems. christian democracy, liberal conservatism, social conservatism, centre-right

Fine Gael currently has 24/166 seats in the Dail Eireann

Fianna Fail

Leader:Michael Martin

Beliefs:conservatism, populism, smaller military, larger government, crueler penal sentences

Fianna Fail current has 13/166 seats in the Dail


Leader:Joan Burton

Beliefs:social democracy

Labour current has 12/166 seats in the Dail.
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Re: Registry of National Political Parties

Post  azon on Thu Apr 30, 2015 4:53 am

Muslim Party: Conservative
  • Select a political representative for national leadership elections

  • Promote Islamic ideas to other religious groups and people in general

  • Islamic Cultural and Religious Advancement Center: group of Muslim scholars researching other religions and finding common ground

  • Help with jobs, education and security of Muslims in Azon

Jewish Progress Group: Liberal/social
  • Select a political representative for national leadership elections

  • Help Jewish citizens with jobs, education ect.

  • In charge of all Jewish religious centers, schools and organizations

  • Jewish Police and Defense Force: volunteers who protect Jewish neighborhoods

  • Jewish Cultural and Religious Center: research into other religions

Chrisian League: Conservatives + Liberal/social
  • Select a political representative for national leadership elections

  • Promote Christian values to other religions and people in general

  • Christian School for the Disabled: non profit hospital for all who are disabled

  • Religious Community Center: a unique organization lead by the Christian league to promote interfaith dialouge

People's Party: Socialism
  • Lobby for workers pay

  • Promote socialism

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Re: Registry of National Political Parties

Post  New Coldon on Sun Jun 21, 2015 7:01 pm

Libertarian Party : 10 seats
Right-wing, Classic Liberal.

Constitutional League : 6 seats
Centre, Conservative

Popular Front : 7 seats
Extreme right-wing, Nationalism

Independent : 1 seat
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Re: Registry of National Political Parties

Post  Independent Carolina on Sat Feb 06, 2016 1:49 pm

The political system of Carolina is proportional representation system, where all votes are counted towards a party. However, unlike other nations which only vote for a national ruling party, in Carolina, each voting year a voter selects both a regional party and a national party. A regional party is the party that represents a Autonomous Republic, of which there are three. A national party looks over the nation as a whole.

The order of the party systems is like a ladder; minor regional parties must gain support (at least 5% of the popular vote) from the Autonomous Republic as a whole to become major regional parties, which can apply to become a national party. The only stipulation is that a national party must look after the whole of the Federation, and not just a region.

There are currently 6 registered national parties, ordered by number of representatives, of which there are 396 total counted from 24 states.

Name: North American Libertarian Party
Motto: "One North America for the People."
Ideology: Libertarianism, social democracy, free-market economics, democracy
Support base: Middle-class, upper-class, capitalists, libertarians, social democrats
Number of Representatives: 252/396

The current leading party of the Federation, they have existed in some form or another since the founding of the country. The only majorly successful libertarian party in history, their reign as most popular party has seen the Carolina economy skyrocket as well as maintaining extensive civil and political rights. They also attract many different voters across the spectrum, which has helped to keep them in office for decades.

Name: Democratic Progressive Party
Motto: "Leading Carolina Forward."
Ideology: Progressiveness, liberalism, centrism
Support base: White-collar workers, middle-class, liberals, progressives
Number of Representatives: 88/396

Formed in 2065 as a result in a split from the NALP, the Democratic Progressive Party was formed from a more liberal faction of the NALP which wanted to push the economic system to the right, while maintaining civil rights and curbing political power. However, due to the similarities of the parties, there have been talks in recent years of the DPP reforming with the NALP, seeing as they are the more popular party of the two.

Name: Party for Social Democracy
Motto: "Socialism under democracy."
Ideology: Social democracy, socialism, third-way, mixed economy
Support base: Lower middle-class, blue-collar workers, young people, socialists
Number of Representatives: 40/396

The third most popular party in the Federation also formed originally from the NALP, though the PSD is more leftest than the NALP. They want to see minority rights further extended and the economic model changed to a similar model to that of China in the early 21st century. They also want to see the individual states given more representation.

Name: North American Green Party
Motto: "Earth always before anything else."
Ideology: Green policy, environmental sustainability, green economics
Support base: Environmentalists, young people, upper middle-class
Number of Representatives: 8/396

Probably the most popular green party in the world, they push for extensive environmental policy. Their influence has helped to push for alternative resources and curb fossil fuel use. As a result, most vehicles in Carolina are electric fully and polar cap preservation projects have succeeded in massively slowing the rate of polar melting.

Name: American Socialist Coalition
Motto: "Workers Come Together for America!"
Ideology: New American communism, libertarian socialism, market socialism
Support base: Blue-collar workers, lower-class, young people, communists, socialists
Number of Representatives: 5/396

Originally formed from a collection of smaller socialist and communist parties, the ASC has been seen in the past as "the west's Soviet party". Following a philosophy of what they call "New American communism", which states that American workers will change the face of the world, they call for revolutionary change in the economic system, with capitalistic elements exchanged for a dominant communist system and all workers given total equality, with no advantage over the other. They also want to see the state reduced and given only certain powers over the people.

Name: National Popular Party
Motto: "North America always first!"
Ideology: Populism, far-right, fascism, corporatism
Support base: Middle-class, upper-class, populists, fascists
Number of Representatives: 3/396

Seen as the most radical of the national parties, the NPP has only just barely held that status for a few decades. Looking to give the state full power over the economy and give businesses more say, they have been loosing voters for years and it's estimated that will be reduced to a regional party within the next decade.
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Re: Registry of National Political Parties

Post  Vitami on Sat Jun 25, 2016 1:22 pm

Traditional Exceptionalism Party

imperialistic policy party

Constitutional Earth Group

Environmental friendly party

First Nationalist Coalition

Provence rights & control party

Common Humanitarian Party

Nationalistic peace party

Traditional Working Class Union

Communistic party

Radical Future Party

freethinkers party

Free Privilege Party

libertarian party
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Re: Registry of National Political Parties

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