Registry of Nation Air Forces

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Registry of Nation Air Forces

Post  West Phoenicia on Wed Apr 08, 2015 11:02 pm


-Comnander in Chief: King Glenton Bush II

 - Minister of Defence:Gen. Aaron Townsville

- Chief of the Air Force: Air Marshall Davina Zeal

- Deputy Chief of the Airforce: Vice Air Marshall Kamal Dallas

Total Air Force Personnel:210,000

Air Force Bases

WPAF Base Ethbaal : Upper West Phoencia
* 1/2 Squadron- Boeing F/A- Super Hornets.
* 2nd Squadron -Transport Wing ( C-13A Hercules)
* 8th Support Squadron

WPAF Base Asherah: Lower West Phoencia
* Asherah Grove Air Force Officer Academy
* 3/4 Squadron- F/A 18F Super Hornet and F/A 18A/8 Hornet 
* 4th Squadron-Transport-Air Bus tanker Transport
* 11th Support Squadron

WPAF Base Gebal: Baal Territory
* 1 West Phoenicia Recruit Training base.

WPAF Base Amia: Baal Territory
* 5th Squadron- Boeing F-22 Raptor
* 1st Patrol Squadron-P-BA Poesidon
*15th Support Squadron

WPAF Base Carthage: Bast Country
* 9th Squadron- Transport-Beechcraft King and Bombadier Challenger
* 13th Squadron- F-3 Lightning II
* 12th Support Squadron

WPAF Base Ashkelon-New Tudor
* 6/7/8 Squadrons-F-3 Lightning II
* 2/3 Support Squadron
* 4th Medical support Squadron
* 7th Support Squadron

WPAF Base Leptis Magna: Jackson
* 2nd Patrol Squadron-AP- 3 Orion
*9th Squadron-F-3 Lightning II and F/A 18F Super Hornets.
*14th Support Squadron

WPAF Base Hippo Diarrhytus: Brigham County
* 10th Squadron Boeing F/A-18F Super Hornets and F-22 Raptors
* 5/6 Support Squadron
* 12th Transport Squadon-AFW& C Wedgetail
* 2nd Medical support Squadron

WPAF Base Bylbos, Immaculata
*10th Transport Squadron-C-13A Hercules
*17th Support Squadron

WPAF Base Tyre, Antebellum Territory
11/12 Squadrons- Boeing F/A-18F Super Hornets (Multi-Role Fighter) 
3 Squadron-Transport Wing (C-7 Globe Master)
4th Support Squadron.
3rd Medical Support Squadron

WPAF Base Polyhymnia , St Mary
1st WPAF Military Band
West Phoenicia
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