Repeal "Commend A mean old man"

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Repeal "Commend A mean old man"

Post  UnitedStatesOfScouting on Fri Apr 17, 2015 10:19 am

World Alliance has been asked to support a pending legislation, I'd like the region's input.

Description: WA Security Council Resolution #75: Commend A mean old man shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

Argument: The Security Council:

Recalling that A mean old man previously served as a Senator of the New Pacific Order, the ruling regime of The Pacific, has recently been reinstated to the Senate, and maintained significant influence within the regime even during retirement;

Acknowledging with outrage the coup d'etat recently perpetrated against Lazarus by the rogue Delegate Stujenske on behalf of the New Pacific Order, annexing Lazarus as part of the Order and establishing the New Lazarene Order as the region's rogue regime, announced and rationalised by A mean old man on behalf of the New Pacific Order and the New Lazarene Order;

Recognising that A mean old man, which is not a native nation of Lazarus, has been illegitimately declared the Emperor of the New Lazarene Order, despite no democratic election taking place, and with the support of foreign invading forces;

Noting the admission by A mean old man, in the statement announcing the New Lazarene Order, that its involvement in The East Pacific was guided by the ideology and interests of the New Pacific Order, which calls into question its involvement in other such regions as well as its attempts to establish the Modern Pacific Alliance, cited by SC#75 as commendable behaviour;

Observing that in light of recent events, assertions made by SC#75 that A mean old man should be commended as a "champion of justice and order in the world" are now far from the truth, as the nation has championed injustice in Lazarus and discord between the New Pacific Order and allies and friends of Lazarus;

Asserting that the acts of aggression taken by the New Pacific Order against Lazarus, acts in which A mean old man is complicit and has attempted to rationalise with deceptive and manipulative propaganda, render a nation or region unworthy of commendation by this Security Council and call into question the motives behind many of A mean old man's alleged positive interregional contributions;

Hereby Repeals SC#75: Commend A mean old man.
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