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(CL) Citizens League

Post  New Coldon on Sat Jun 13, 2015 12:34 am

A party for those who value Liberty, Freedom, Limited Government, and Justice

We value:
- Economic freedom
Every citizen has the right and obligation to make a living for themselves. The government should not interfere with the industrious spirit of its citizens in any way.
- Individual freedom
Every citizen has the right to be who they are, and the government should not interfere in the intimacies of its citizens
- Freedom of and from religion
Every citizen has the right to believe, or not to believe what they want. The government should have secular stance towards religion to ensure a save environment for all
- Equal Justice for all
Every citizen has the right to bring charges to anyone and any legal thing. It is the Governments obligation to ensure fair trials through separation of powers.
- Democracy above all
Every citizen has the right to influence policy making. It should be the governments task to ensure that democracy is the type of government at regional level
- Pro-Republicanism
Every citizen has the right to become leader of some sort without having to be born into purple, therefore the regional government should acknowledge that a Monarchy isn't the way to go.
- (Con)federalism
Every state has the right to rule in it's own way, according to its people and traditions. It is the governments task to interfere as little with the individual states as possible.

"Live and let live"
Come join us in our struggle, for we are citizens!

Current Members:
- New Coldon
New Coldon
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