WASC Intervention on Snarfia

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WASC Intervention on Snarfia

Post  Great Eurussia on Tue Jun 23, 2015 2:45 pm

Authored by the United States of Scouting

Snarfia wrote:I accept if you want to intervene but it will be different this time,

The SHDKZ has been getting ordanance from an unkown source but intel shows us a weakness,

The SHDKZ are Snarfian people who know their surroundings and know it's secrets but they follow one man who started this all.

Nikolai Bardak, a Snarfian veteran from the Snarfian Enforcer Corps, he had communist ideologies since he started as a recruit.

The SHDKZ attacked the SAF with very modern ordanance which can break through the heavy armour of the Snarfian tank brigades, they captured both air and Naval forces of the Snarfian armed forces, as for recognition all Snarfian ships also carry a NATO flag on them.

to repel this we are offering you all 50 of our newest tank, the PL-01

the SAF has provided us photis of some of their current ordanance:

You have our permission to intervene against the SHDKZ but please take note that this is not just an ordinary force your're fighting against, they almost defeated half of our Armed Forces in just a few days...

Citing permission granted by Snarfia, please open discussion on this topic. Discussion will remain open for 3 days.

Great Eurussia wrote:
Eurussia is in favor. We ask the proponent to outline the objectives of the Security Council-sanctioned Military Intervention against the SHDKZ. We also suggest the utilization of the WA Peacekeeping Force on the said mission. Furthermore, we formally suggest the declaration of the following by virtue of the WA Peacekeeping Force Act.
Section 7 - Global Security Emergency

A Global Security Emergency is an official declaration of the state of the international security of the world or in any part thereof from the Security Council upon the recommendation of the WAPF on its will or by request of a member state. Under a Global Security Emergency situation, the recommended actions of the WAPF to eliminate a particular threat to the international security of the world or any part thereof are authorized by the Security Council to be enforced to certain or all member states. Furthermore, under a Global Security Emergency situation, WAPF Funds may be utilized to aid certain or all member states to achieve the aims and objectives of the WA Peacekeeping Force.

Final vote on Global Security Emergency enactment is open for 2 days.

Great Eurussia

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