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Rouge troops arrested

Post  Vitami on Wed Jun 29, 2016 11:02 am

north shahrani soldiers that signed on to the Vitami armed forces being arrested for there crimes

As Vitami law allows, some refuges that where granted residency joined the Vitami armed forces. While this is meant for any seek full citizenship a group attempted to try and take advantage of the offer and steal military gear and join the NSPA. Military police caught them red handed and are now detained. The criminals in question are being charged for desertion, stealing state property, and attempting to serve a terror group. The commissioners office is increasing it screening process to insure an attempt like this does not happen again.
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Battles in Khurasan

Post  Eldslandet on Thu Jun 30, 2016 7:55 am

Battles of Khurasan
After the Republican Guards Armoured Brigade passed through the town of Gulan on the 28/06/16 many officers believed it would be a simple milk run to the paratroopers stuck in Viz compound they were, however, tragically wrong.
Shortly after leaving the town of Gulan and entering the farmland of Khurasan the NSPA 1st, 2nd and 4th Tank Brigades sprung their trap along with help from the 3 infantry divisions, the 27th Shock Troop Division, the 3rd Gulan Women's Worker Division and the 52nd Thuri Division sprung an ingenious trap that managed to take the Guards Armour column by surprise when they were split into three groups.

At the front of the column was the 1st Cadre and the 2nd Cadre they had made it through the Kashan Pass before NSPA engineers collapsed the cliff face blocking the road effectively separating the 1st and 2nd Cadre from the rest of the group. They discussed what was to happen and decided that they would advance to the town of Chomein and wait for the rest of the group to reach them. The rearmost four Cadres would work their way around and the other remaining four Cadre (the 3rd, 4th, 5th and the 6th Cadre) would work their way onto the plateau above Kashan Pass and neutralise any enemy resistance that could threaten the safety of Snarfian Forces.  
Battle of Yizda
The first fighting began at the town of Yizda where the 52nd Thuri Division lured the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th Cadre into a trap. The 7th, 8th and 9th were advancing in a three-pronged assault through the town with the 10th acting as a rearguard and cleaning up enemy resistance. The 7th had secured the library, the 8th had secured the town square and the 9th had seized the train-station when at 1530 hours the NSPA's 2nd Tank Brigade Attacked the Eldslandeti forces in Yizda.

900 M60A3 TTS tanks entered the town nearly outnumbering the Guards Tanks 4 to 1. The 4 Cadres were almost immediately encircled in the town and fighting trapping the Guardsmen in the cauldron. The first major fighting took place around the train-station and the library when the 2nd Tank Brigade launched a pincer attack and forces in the town square were pinned down by artillery. Most fighting lasted well into the afternoon until 2000 hours when the pincer attack pulled off and an artillery bombardment began that lasted until midnight.
Meanwhile the 10th Cadre had began to counter attack and break the encirclement and were met with fierce resistance. Little did they know they would be up against 200 tanks compared to their 30. The Guards in Yizda had already lost 38 tanks in the fighting, nearly a quarter of their number.
For 7 hours they fought for not only their survival nut that of their beleaguered comrades still in Yizda. Through these 7 hours they took apart the enemy one tank at a time with a seemingly unrelenting momentum. Of the 200 tanks they faced 176 were knocked out with the rest retreating. Finally the siege had been broken but at the cost of 7 tanks.
When the 10th Cadre broke through they expected a good sleep before being sent back into battle however the generals had other plans and they were ordered back into battle. At first the Cadre's officers refused however all the guardsmen were given the drug 'Modafinil' to keep them awake.
The 10th Cadre then relieved the 8th in the town square who then attacked then push through the town and into the open country on the otherside. The enemy had not been expecting this and all of the artillery, which had mostly consisted of 203mm howitzers, was destroyed as the  NSPA hadn't been expecting a frontal attack and had only place minefields to on the flanks of their artillery.
The remaining Cadres were soon able to overcome their enemy but were unable to finish them off as quickly and effectively as possible as most of the guardsmen at this point had been fighting for over 24 hours and many soldiers of the Thuri Division escaped into the country side but many didn't. Those who couldn't escape committed mass suicide and any remaining tanks we self destructed. In total 45 Guards tanks were destroyed and 187 guardsmen were killed in the fighting. The NSPA lost 872 tanks, 40 howitzers and 12,083 soldiers, 5000 of which are believed to be suicides.

The Valley of the Sun
When the 1st and 2nd Cadre were cut off they were put on high alert and their soldiers prepared for imminent attack from the enemy and the moved into the river bed of the old dried up river known as the River Sol and the locals had called the valley the after the rivers old name. From here they dug-in for the night.
At 2340 hours two tank NSPA tanks brigades attacked them. The Attacking forces attacked in a bull horn formation with a central force of 700 tanks attacking down the river bed towards the prepared guardsmen and then at 0000 hours 1100 tank attack both flanks of the defenders.
This meant that the defender's tanks were now outnumbered 30:1 against an attacking enemy. As well local militia who rode motorcycles and pick-up trucks into battle joined the fray trying to get their RPG-7s as close as possible.
Over the next 4 hours an endless stream of smoke poured into the sky as more and more M60's were knocked out. In many cases the tanks and technicals and tanks by-passed the dug-in tanks and supporting infantry and went after the second line of defence but were halted by entrenched guardsmen armed with their own AT weapons and made short-work of the unsupported tanks.
As the sun rose it revealed a shocking sight of pure carnage. The horizon was littered with smoking tanks, mangled cars and dead bodies. At around 0730 hours the assault stopped as all enemies capable of attacking had been wiped out and the troops got to rest.

Battle of Mount Widow Maker
When the 3rd, 4th, 5th and the 6th Cadre arrived on the mountain plateau they realised why the enemy had chosen to fight here as the long winding paths meant that the guardsman would have to abandon their tanks and fight as foot soldiers as their adversaries had been doing all through out this campaign.
During the day the guards were ordered to sleep whilst the CO drew up battle plans. When the battle plans were ready the troops were awoken and the Cadres set off at 1800 hours with 960 guardsmen in-front advancing so that if one group was attacked the rest could support it.
At first the only resistance encountered were solitary machinegun nest of the 3rd Women's Worker Division deployed in an elastic defence aimed at delaying and harassing the attackers but most were destroyed with ATGMs and rocket-launchers and the pace was kept up.

At 2230 hours the 27th Shock Trooper Division Sprung an ambush. They had been waiting lying camouflaged on the ground and when the guards were amongst they jumped up an attacked the stunned guardsmen some thinking that the ground had actually come to life and there was an earthquake. Hand-to-hand combat using bayonets, axes and shovels in the pitchblack conditions aswell as their guns. The fight was short and brutal with everyone present being forced to kill or be killed. Guards Brigadier Mosley Reportedly stabbed a shocktrooper so hard that the bayonet broke and a Corporal Stanlee was found bloodied and battered surrounded by dead enemies. Eventually thanks to their valour and superior training the guardsmen overcame their attackers and dug-in at the top of the South end of Mount Widow Maker securing a vital mountain pass that allowed them to bring armoured fighting vehicles through.
Their foe reorganised and the Shock Troopers and Women's Worker Division decided to launch a frontal assault against from the north east. As the assault trooper prepared artillery, heavy machine guns and mortar positions were set up and at 0100 hours the assault began as a 30 minute artillery barrage began and the attackers moved mortars and machineguns into positions from which they could fire onto the defenders. When the artillery barrage was lifted the mortars and machineguns open fired and the assault troopers began their charge and the guardsmen were ordered into their forward trenches and open fired intially reponding to the dug-in positions with accurate and sustained rifle and LMG fire as well as AT weapons. The NSPA heavy weapons teams had resorted to blind firing in the rough direction of the enemy as they lack equipment such as night vision googles.

Once they had been dealt with the guardsmen then fired into the waves of charging soldiers, unable to pick a single target out of the screaming mob of berserkers the guard fired rapidly into them killing whole swathes of them till the mountain ran red with blood. The two infantry divisions were completely wiped out and only a meagre 482 prisoners were taken as most of the wounded NSPA members would keep firing or kill themselves rather than being taken prisoner. All in all 124 guards lost their lives compared to around 24,000 NSPA militants
At around 0900 hours they entered Khomeini being the only cadres to make it with the other Cadres arriving much later in the day.

The Republican Guards Armoured Brigade is now expected to rest for a day meaning that the paratroopers will have to wait long but the Brigade was to worn out to continue due to the intense fighting.
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Battle of Paratrooper Hill

Post  Eldslandet on Fri Jul 08, 2016 7:37 am

Battle of Paratrooper Hill
After the artillery barrage that the Republican Paratrooper Division had been subjected to for almost a week was lifted at 1800 hours 05/07/2016 and NSPA soldiers attacked in overwhelming numbers. The 5798 paratroopers faced off against the best the NSPA had to offer which amounted to 4500 Red Guard Members equipped with tanks and IFVs as well as 18,000 highly motivated Qawi Albinya Division.
The attacking NSPA forces were met with mixed resistance from the outer defences. Some position collapsed almost immediately but other positions held on until they ran out of ammo or were ordered to fall back. The paratroopers lacked effective Anti-tank weapons in their outer most positions and if tanks were spotted the would often beat a hasty retreat to safer locations where they could bring ATGMs the bear or to where tanks couldn't get them.
Once the commanders had assessed that the outer defences had been breached they ordered all units to fall back to the primary line of defence which had been prepared days before.

Paratroopers manning the primary defences would be covered by their own artillery and the terrain meant that the could be bottleneck and broken up very easily and that the NSPA's battle would be an up hill one.
At 2100 hours the NSPA attacked from all directions and aimed at maintaining a constant pressure upon the defenders until they ran out of ammo and were overrun. Attacker would attack in waves, charging up the hill before falling back. Often they would use ditches and dips in the hill as cover.
Over time the more elite units were whittled down and the NSPA conscripted the local population in massive numbers and as daylight dawned the fresh civilian units began to attack and with each attack on the Paratroopers positions the enemy were getting closer and closer. However the daylight permitted the Paratroopers to bring in accurate artillery fire and enemy squads were blasted off the hills with human remains being strewn about. But the artillery too was subject to attrition and soon ran out of ammo. Without this deadly hail of high explosives the NSPA were able to keep up the attacks.

At 0943 hours position 241 was overrun as well as position 243 with the last surviving paratroopers ordering airstrikes on their own positions before falling back, Position 242 which commanded the high ground was on the verge of being surrounded and overrun which caused the CO, Colonel Brodie, to call in a 'shattered javelin' causing all nearby combat aircraft to aid his position. Most of the aircraft at this point had ran out of actual bombs and began using drop tanks filled with diesel, kerosene, petrol and sugar as a basic form of napalm. This napalm was used to plug the gaps and burn anyone who had made it through the defensive lines.
As the day went on more and more units began to request airstrikes and the entire line of defence appeared to be on fire with smoke billowing into the sky but the NSPA never let up the constant stream fighters.

At 1800 hours Eldslandeti commanders realised that most of their positions could easily be overrun by a concentrated attack and they ordered their troops to put on their gas masks before dropping the non-lethal CS gas on the positions of their own soldiers relying upon their superior equipment to overcome the gas. The NSPA lacked large amounts of proper equipment and most NSPA soldiers that were caught in the cloud were quickly incapacitated and the few that did have access to gas masks were quickly gunned down.

By the end of the battle the Republican Paratrooper division took 1,200 casualties, 327 of which were killed and 9 planes compared to an estimated 34,000+ NSPA dead and wounded and 94 tanks.
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Guards Armour meet up with Paratroopers

Post  Eldslandet on Tue Jul 12, 2016 9:10 am

After many days of travel and after many battles the Republican Guards Armoured Brigade finally achieved their main objective and have successfully met up with the 1st Republican Paratrooper Division and relieved them of their duty.
The Paratroopers will now return back to Eldslandet along with the arrested officials. The Republican Guards Armour will now take up the brunt of the action in dealing with the shattered remnants of the North Shahrani government and its pathetic army. Their days are truly numbered.

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