President David Palmer's Second Inaugural Address to the Security Council

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President David Palmer's Second Inaugural Address to the Security Council

Post  UnitedStatesOfScouting on Mon Nov 09, 2015 5:40 pm

Members of the Twelfth World Alliance Security Council,


The United States of Scouting - President of the World Alliance Security Council

The Republic of Corinthos - Vice-President of the World Alliance Security Council

The Federation of Serenarea - Delegate to the World Assembly on behalf of the World Alliance Security Council

Members of the World Alliance Security Council


I wish to start out by saying that I took a substantial amount of time in considering my selection for Vice-President. I'll admit, originally I offered the Vice-Presidency to Ireland. This was in exchange for his dropping out of the race for President. Unfortunately, due to his lack of activity, he failed to withdraw from either the race for membership or the Presidency and thus resulted in his disqualification from the elections altogether. I informed him of my dismay of his failure to withdraw from the race. After the election results were released, I checked the activity of Ireland once more and discovered that his Government had not been active for six days. Therefore I concluded that Ireland was no longer the best choice for my Vice-Presidential pick.

The original reason I chose Ireland as my Vice-Presidential pick was because I thought that unity in opposite sides of the aisles was the way to go. The Republicans are fundamentally opposite to that of the Social Democrats and I felt that if we had a Vice-Presidential pick from the opposite side of the aisle, both parties would have significant influence within the Security Council. This would obviously create much strife and room for plenty of interesting debates, and this is exactly what I had hoped for originally. Unfortunately due to the inactivity of Ireland, this is no longer a feasible option.

I've appointed The Republic of Corinthos to the Vice-President position as their Government is very active and has been a loyal member of the Republican Party. I feel that Corinthos will be fundamental in helping establish a strong Republican influence in the Security Council and will allow for a smoother process of passing legislation and drafting resolutions.

During this Presidency, I've already come up with a list of items for the Security Council to discuss and for legislation to be drafted on. Here is that list:

  1. Presidential Peace Summit (For past and current Presidents/VPs)
  2. Review of Current Election Protocol, possible implementation of stricter legal language
  3. Minor change to the language of the current "WA SECURITY COUNCIL" threads to conform to the changes of the previous Security Council
  4. Inactive Regional Associations Resolution
  5. Environmental Issues and/or Summit
  6. Creation of a "World Alliance International Police Agency" or "WAIPA", with thorough discussion to be held before its official proposal to the Security Council
  7. Request of an additional sub-forum for WASC Archives, for those threads created in this section that don't pertain to a case, legislation, or resolution  
  8. Review of Representation System of the Security Council to its Constituents
  9. Possible relocation of WASC HQ

While some of these items may seem vague, they will soon become clearer as we dive into the three month term here. I hope that all nations will get involved in the discussion of these matters and speak to the new Security Council to voice their opinions.

Once again, I congratulate all nations who had the courage to step up and take on a role in the region to make World Alliance a better place, and I encourage you all to stand beneath your flags proudly at the WASC Headquarters in Moscow.

I expect much to come of this term and I ask that you all stay informed and to keep watch over the next three months.

Your President,
David Palmer
Two Term President of the World Alliance Security Council
Representing the United States of Scouting
Emerging Power

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Re: President David Palmer's Second Inaugural Address to the Security Council

Post  Corinthos on Mon Nov 09, 2015 5:57 pm

Cleisthenes of Rhodisia
World Alliance Representative of the Republic of Corinthos

"The Republic of Corinthos is greatly honoured that our nation has been given the honour to act as Vice President. The Gerusia and the Boule have chosen me, Cleisthenes of Rhodisia, to be the one who represents the Republic of Corinthos in the World Alliance. I hope that I will be able to serve as expected.

The Republic of Corinthos will aim to cooperate with the President, David Palmer, in order to ensure that the World Alliance Security Council will go through the changes that the President have planned, for the good of us all.

Our nation has been active in the internatonal affairs of the World Alliance, ever since the current Archon, Periandros, has decided with the support of the Ecclesia, to break our nations centuries-long isolation. We seek now, to be even more engaged in the World Alliance, and try to promote stability, peace and prosperity through diplomacy and trade.
I believe we have already proven our intentions, and we aim to prove them countless times if needed.

Activity, reforms, efficiency. These shall be the words of our motto.

Once again, the Republic of Corinthos would like to thank for those nations who voted for us to be in the Security Council, and we would like to thank the United States of Scouting, and the Republican Party, for trusting us, and appointing us for Vice Presidency.

May the Olympians guide our decisions.

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