Inactive Regional Associations Act

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Inactive Regional Associations Act

Post  Great Eurussia on Sat Dec 05, 2015 9:03 pm


In effort to cut down the amount of Inactive Regional Associations and allow for those who are active to re-create inactive associations, I bring forth the proposal to resolve this issue.

The Inactive Regional Associations Act:

Section 1

A Regional Association is considered to be inactive when:

  1. Sixty days without a new post in their Association thread have passed.
  2. The Founder of the association has left the region.
  3. The association only has two or less members remaining.

Section 2

The process to re-locate the Association to the section of the forums called "<< BIN >>" shall be as follows:

  1. If sixty days has passed without a new post, the President of the WASC may move the thread to the << BIN >> at his/her own discretion.
  2. If the Founder of the association has left, the President must make a post notifying the association members of this fact and the association must come up with a new founder or 'leader' within seventy-two hours of notification, otherwise the President may move the thread to the << BIN >> at his/her own discretion.
  3. If the association has only two or less members, the President must notify the Association giving them seventy-two hours to gain another member. If the association fails to do so within the time provided, the President may move the thread to the << BIN >> at his/her own discretion.

Section 3

Any Governmental Associations bearing the official "World Alliance" title, such as the "World Alliance Health Agency" maintain exemption from being removed and are subject to the administration of the WASC as a whole in order to be removed, seeing as it is a Governmental Entity.

Section 4

Newly Formed Regional Associations will be given a grace period of thirty days to raise their membership above two members before a notification is given under Section 2 of the Removal Qualifications. Newly Formed Regional Associations will be marked with the tag "[Under-Construction]. If after a notification is given to a Regional Association, under Section 2 of the Removal Qualifications, they will be permitted to a week's worth of a 'reconstruction' phase marked by the tag, "[Rebooting]". In other words, they will be given a grand total of ten days to raise their membership above two in order to be considered in compliance with this law.  

Section 5

When a Regional Association is archived, the founder or owner of the Association may appeal this decision to the WASC within forty-eight hours. In order for the WASC to hear the case, a member of the WASC must second the motion, within the forty-eight hour period, to appeal and then it will be brought forth for discussion and voting by the Security Council. If the appeal is successful, the Regional Association will simply be moved back into the Regional Associations section of the forums. Following this, for whatever reason the Regional Association was archived, the Association will be given a fourteen day grace period to resolve whatever issues caused the archival if it was originally just.

Section 6

After a Regional Association has been archived, it cannot be re-created for a period of fourteen days by non-members and a period of thirty days for its original founder and members at the time of its archival.

Section 7

"Regional Associations" only refer to those associations classified under the "Regional Associations" section of the forums.

Section 8

Please note, this is an OOC or "Out-Of-Character" proposal aimed at giving the ability to the President of the WASC the ability to clean up inactive or old associations allowing for active members to re-create those associations. Any associations relocated to the << BIN >> are not seen as in-character actions taken by the President. They simply cease to exist until a new founder claims the association.

This proposal may now be debated on for a period of three days.
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