First Annual Environmental Conference

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First Annual Environmental Conference

Post  Great Eurussia on Wed Dec 30, 2015 1:05 pm

Following the original proposal for a Climate Change Conference by Scottlands, we have taken some items brought up by Scottlands into consideration and have made revisions deemed appropriate by the Scouting Government and WEPA President.

The First Annual Environmental Conference

The purpose of this proposal is to convene the World Alliance Security Council for the purposes of addressing environmental issues annually.

The World Alliance Security Council,

CONVINCED there are many environmental issues out there beyond simply the concern of climate change.

RECOGNIZING the discussion of these topics is a matter of International Security, thus deeming it worthy of discussion by the World Alliance Security Council.

RECOGNIZING each nation faces its own environmental challenges, as such each WASC member nation may be allowed to add one item to the agenda, any additional items will be approved by selection of the President upon request of the WASC member nations.

NOTING the passage of this proposal shall only grant the first conference to be convened. After such, each year this conference shall be re-convened based on a vote from the WASC to renew this resolution.

FURTHER NOTING upon renewal, the WASC may opt to renew for multiple years in a row as this first conference is simply a trial run.

URGES that this conference take place in Moscow at the World Alliance Security Council chambers for security measures and tradition.

BELIEVING this is a major step towards a more environmental friendly World Alliance.

Should this resolution pass, immediately following its passage, members may use this thread to post their requested agenda items for a period of seven days. Additionally, the conference shall convene on January 1, 2016 and last until January 7, 2016
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