Roleplay Moderation Act

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Roleplay Moderation Act

Post  Great Eurussia on Wed Dec 30, 2015 1:10 pm

It has come to my attention that the diplomacy section of our forum is riddled with closed threads and useless other junk.

I am devising this proposal to ensure that I, and anyone else that is selected for Role-play Moderation have the proper resources as well to maintain a peaceful environment within it.

The Role-play Moderation Act

1) Let it be known that RP (roleplay) moderators are selected to maintain a respectful role-playing environment. 

2) Role-play moderators are put in charge of the [Diplomacy] and [Regional Events] sub-forum.

3) In order to maintain these sub-forums respectively, these things must change:

4) The Role-play moderators must attain their own group with specifically assigned powers to maintain the [Diplomacy], [Regional Events], and any archive(s) directly associated with them.

5) The Role-play moderators must attain an archive for the [Diplomacy] and [Regional Events] sub-forums due to the amount of clutter within them.

6) The Role-play moderators must have the ability to follow the rules and communicate respectively with other team-mates. (i.e. any other RP moderators, forum moderators, and administrators.)

7) Record keeping processes will remain separate meaning that warnings related to role-playing and warnings related to spamming of the [Off-Topic] forum be recorded in their respected places. (i.e. Role-play offenses in the role-play record thread and OOC offenses in the official [moderation] thread.)
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