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Nations interviews!

Post  Snarfian Federation on Thu May 26, 2016 6:19 am


Welcome to Interviews! Here will I be posting my interviews with the nations of the WA! Learn more about your neighbours or about your favorite (Or not) country!
Let''s start with a small introduction:

The Snarfian Federation

Name: The Snarfian Federation
Based on: Futuristic Russia with parts of Norway and the Middle East.
National language: Snarfian
National anthem: Our land (Unsa Lendar)
Leader: President Jeremy Meinsma
Currency: Hanged Hunter

Real life:
Name: Jeremy Meinsma
Occupation: Police officer (Former Dutch Marine corps), Olympic swimmer.
Relation status: Single
Sex: Male
Interested in: Male and Female
Nationality: Russian (Dutch)

Tell us about yourself: Well. My name is Jeremy Meinsma and I live in the Netherlands. I was born in Russia but my parents moved to the Netherlands when I was still under 1. Because I was here so young and talked Dutch like a pro. The Dutch goverment decided to give me the Dutch nationality. Giving me two nationality's. When I was still studying I studied Languages and entertainment. My dad was part of the Dutch police special forces: Arrestatieteam. And my brother was a soldier in the Dutch military. After the entertainment buisness I decided to follow up my brother. This made me Luitenant in the Dutch Marines. Now after a few years I quited. After bad injuries and to bad experiences I decided to stop. I've seen horrors in the worst country's, never to leave my head again. Now I completed Dutch Police academy, and am proud to call myself a protector for the people instead of killing outside the Netherlands.

Entertainment huh?: Yeah, I studied for dance and hopitality in the north of the Netherlands called Frisia. I learned English, German, Spanish, Turkish, Arabic and Russian on this school. Lots of test but really fun Very Happy

How did you come up with your nation?: Snarfia's name is because of Snarf. A Deer from my youth. Futuristic Russia because of my Heritage. But why Norway and the Middle East? I'm very interested in the Middle East and the Islam. Norway because of my ancestors. My DNA shows traces of old Norwegian Viking tribes. Possibly that they did my grand grand grand grand grand.... grandmother while plundering some villages. And who doesn't like Norway? Very Happy

So you like boys and girls?: Yeah, Everybody needs love. Why can't a man love a man and why a woman not a woman?

Anything to say to the haters?: Yeah, I don't care about your religion or how discusting you think it is. Get over it. Why don't believe in something that is proven by science and believe in a book which is over a decade old and changed throughout time? And I'm not going to touch you or convice you to be gay. I'm not falling in love because your a boy. IT DOESN'T WORK THAT WAY! It's safe to have a drink with me, I can be real fun to hang out with.

Swimming?: Yes, my pride. I started with swimming when I was a teenager. Now I'm swimming for the National Team of Russia. When they need me.

You're single?: Yes, My ex girl cheated on me twice. I took her back once, but she fall in love with someone else. But I'm over it and I'm seeing this nice lad. Who knows... Razz

Anything to say to your fellow nations out there?: I like you all! I'm happy to see so many cultures and opinions formed under one region. The WA. Altough we all differ from each other, everyone can be who they want to be. I'm proud of you all! Keep this up for the next generation!

Want to share something to finish this interview?: Life can be hard. But you're here to survive, and show everyone how great you are! If you ever feld suicidal. Think about that if you kill yourself, you're going to pass your pain over to someone else. You have a purpose! Stay strong for yourself and don't care what people think. Smile and look up. Your crown is falling king/queen.

Feel free to share you're thoughts about your favorite nation!
Snarfian Federation
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