WA Neutral Territories Act

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WA Neutral Territories Act

Post  Great Eurussia on Wed Sep 10, 2014 12:15 am

Authored by the Empire of Great Eurussia


With the aims of ensuring the efficiency and neutrality of the international operations of international organizations of the World Alliance Government, the Eurussian Government hereby proposes the establishment of permanent neutral territories in every continent of the world to be governed and administered by the WA Government which shall possess extraterritoriality privileges extending from the physical territory to the human beings thereof. These neutral territories are as follows:

  • WA Asia Neutral Territory (V)
  • WA Iberia Neutral Territory (LG)
  • WA Atlantis Neutral Territory (B)
  • WA Olympia Neutral Territory (R)
  • WA Oceania Neutral Territory (G)
  • WA Arcadia Neutral Territory (LV)
  • WA Anatolia Neutral Territory (LB)
  • WA Polynesia Neutral Territory (Y)
  • WA Magnesia Neutral Territory (LP)
  • WA Phoenicia Neutral Territory (LY)
  • WA Erythraea Neutral Territory (LR)
  • WA Micronesia Neutral Territory (O)
  • WA Mnemosyne Neutral Territory (P)

Hence, these neutral territories shall exclusively be used and be developed to support the missions of the international organizations of the WA Government and may serve any purpose the WA Government finds necessary. All nations of the world shall have the privilege to utilize and use the facilities of these neutral territories provided that such usage is not for war.

So ordered.

Great Eurussia

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