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Re: (FULL) WA International News Network

Post  Federation of Antanares on Thu Dec 12, 2013 3:31 am


Share at the 98% for the Interview to His Highness; helicopter strike down behind the enemy lines in Farshonia, one dead; police arrested a drug dealers near Velikogovolka; attacked a pirate ship near the coast of Cape Wolf

Interview to His Highness
Continue the intervention in Farshonia

His Highness, Prince Andrei, granted a rare interview to "The Frederyc Salon", the famous talk-show on the main TV's channel.

Interviewer: Hello everybody, today we have the honor, and the privilege, to have with us our famous, elusive, leader: His Highness, the Prince Andrei Delencourt
His Highness: It's a pleasure for me to be here, Mister Frederyc.

I: Good, Your Highness, you release interview few times. Why? The leaders of the foreign countries talk a lot of times in their radio, tv and web channels:
HH: Oh, really? You want to listen me more time? No, I think not, I have an ugly voice. [laughs] No, I don't talk a lot because I think I have at my service better men for talk to the good people of Antanares. Really, I don't have a lot to say. I lead the Council and I prefer the actions to the words

I: But, this time, you want to talk, why?
HH: Because, sometimes, it's necessary my personal intervention. We live in difficult time and the people need to see and listen their leaders.

I: We've a lot of questions for you. First, what do you think about the actual situation of Texania?
HH: Texania ... oh, well, a bad story that see involved too many hands and too many nations that would only like to control the big oil reserves of the area. Antanares was obliged to intervene, with my disappointment. Now I think the area is under control and we can work to find a solution. The idea of our good ally, New Tarajan, to form a liberal confederacy of nations, it's one of the best I listened too in the last times about the future of Texania. I don't want to continue to keep troops there.

I: In the last times, our channels was invaded by the news of the Trial of New Tarajan, launched from Eurussia. Both are our allies, exactly?
HH: Yes, and sometimes I thought it's better don't have allies, you can bombard everything [laughs] But, we have strong relationship with Great Eurussia and we have strong and ancient relationship with New Tarajan, I think it is one of the our oldest allies and we are really glad of this. What I can say? Uhm I think I must ask to my councilors [laughs]

I: If you can, tell us, what do you think about the resolution of the CoJ?
HH: I think the resolutions is an offense to the intelligence of all the leaders and the lawyers of the entire World Alliance. Sincerely, what? Really? Now I don't have the right to place my ship where I want? Ah, come on. New Tarajan placed a block on Orenburg outside of the national water of Eurussia, Eurussia said that "we didn't receive any kind of damage", I went with the Empress to Oremburg, and now there are damages? Ah, it's an offense. What they hope to demonstrate? It's not a really error, I must say. New Tarajan placed a block, and this is an offensive act against any nation, but why we don't investigate about the causes of the act of our allies?

I: What do you mean?
HH: I mean ... If you provoke the lion, you wouldn't expect to go out of the situation without any wounds. Great Eurussia provoked New Tarajan, provoked New Tarajan a lot of times. They wanted a reaction and they obtained it. And New Tarajan responded. It's simply ... action, reactions, a basic principle of the universe. And the CoJ did only its work: punish. But, if they punished New Tarajan, why didn't act against Great Eurussia? If New Tarajan is considered a "destroyer of the international peace", Great Eurussia, that took troops in Texania, refused the intervention of the WAAF, provoked New Tarajan and other nations and occupied an entire area of Texania, what is? Great Eurussia is an allied, It's a friend of Antanares, I know Her Majesty the Empress, one of the better person I've the pleasure to know in my life, but I think sometimes exaggerate and it's not good have a nation that exaggerate. I listened of people, I don't remember who, that said: Eurussia "could simply step and crush anything blocking its path" ... [the Prince laughs] Really, Eurussia it's an our ally, but ... but it can't. Simply. I ask to this people ... do it. Because nobody could provoke our allies, and New Tarajan is an our ally. Antanares respects every nations in the World Alliance, but we don't like who act like a super-power and don't have the really condition to do it..

I: What position would take our Federation:
HH: The right position. Antanares would support New Tarajan, in every steps from now. For example, we support actively the projects of the Orbital Solar Array. It's a kind of ... wonder, that could remind us what the collaboration could construct.

I: Now, in Farshonia, what are our next moves?
HH: Intervene, eliminate all the nazi and take back our troops at home for Christmas. Thanks for the interview. Have a nice night, Antanares

Continue the intervention of the troops of Antanares in Farshonia. After the counteroffensive of the government and of the SECURS's troops, special forces launched a series of raids behind the enemy line, attacking the main roads of supply of the Nazi and started to eliminate the main leaders of the rebellion. Also, the main division took position around the main cities and started to liberate them one for one.

Antanaresian soldiers at work
Federation of Antanares
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Eurussian News

Post  Great Eurussia on Thu Dec 12, 2013 4:13 am

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sergei Lavrov, held a press conference, for the first time on the issues surrounding the Orenburg Aggression, where he said, "It is an honor for the great Eurussian Empire to be vindicated by the honourable tribunal of the world despite all the lies and provocations thrown against us by our very own former ally who betrayed us, the Kingdom of New Tarajan. The decision of the international court speaks for itself."

The court finds the sovereign nation of New Tarajan to be guilty of waging unprovoked aggression against the Empire of Great Eurussia by way of a naval blockade of its peaceful and sovereign colony Orenburg. New Tarajan violated the World Alliance Constitution, specifically the clause stating all nations have a right to national sovereignty and self determination, by blockading a Eurussian Colony. The court does not believe that the incident regarding a Eurussian submarine that suffered a nuclear malfunction is grounds for punishment as the Tarajani navy had no way of knowing, and it can only be assumed that the Tarajani navy did not recieve a distress signal as no evidence has been provided that they recieved it but refused to respond. 

Thusly, for waging an unconstitutional blockade of the Eurussian Colony of Orenburg, the Court of Justice finds New Tarajan guilty of unconstitutional activity and of waging provocative activities aimed at sparking a Eurussian response. New Tarajan is hereby ordered by the Court of Justice to pay the Eurussian government a $100,000,000,000 ($100 Billion) in Euro's for damages incured on Orenburg, and for a hinderence of Eurussian trade and activity. New Tarajan is also hereby ordered to pay the World Alliance Court of Justice $25,000,000,000 ($25 Billion) for disrupting world peace and regional stability as a fine.

This case is now considered dismissed. It will not be open for appeal.
The historic landmark case started when the Convicted New Tarajan unilaterally imposed a surprising naval blockade on the Eurussian Duchy of Orenburg in Mnemosyne believed to be forcing the Eurussian Empire to respond with the use of force. But to the surprise of the world, Moscow quietly filed charges before the international tribunal, which rattled Astana, to settle the aggression which led to the eventual conviction of New Tarajan considered to be the the first in history with the biggest multi-billion fine to be paid before the court, with the biggest multi-billion compensation to be paid before a state and the most embarrassing and humiliating conviction against a state that prevented a war of unimaginable scale in history.
In response to the landmark conviction, Chancellor Vladimir Putin, after an imperial audience with Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Elizabeth II, at the Grand Kremlin Palace, delivered a privilege speech before the Eurussian Parliament at the Victoria Palace, "Your Honourables, it is a great privilege for me to present to you a favorable verdict coming from the international court of the world and they say, someone have wronged us! They have pointed guns in our heads, but we slap their faces with paper and we prevailed! We have been provoked, we have been threatened, but we responded with sincerity and integrity, and we had peace. We have been betrayed but we gave respect and the rest is history. We, Eurussians, as the most trusted, the most loyal, and the most reliable nation on Earth lets this history be a lesson to those who turns their back on us in the most terrible times as they perfectly knows how we put are lives on the line when they direly need us as this is how a true Eurussian friends are. Nevertheless, in the name of Her Imperial Majesty, Your Honourables, and my fellow countrymen, this is another time for us to held our heads up high and say, I'm a Eurussian!" leading to a standing ovation from the Parliament.

The Bureau of Multilateral Affairs issued a statement confirming the withdrawal of Eurussia from the South Western Security Organization, headed by the Convicted New Tarajan, citing the failure of the organization to intervene during the Orenburg Aggression and the lost of credibility of the SOWESO leadership following its guilty verdict.

The Imperial Navy and the Royal Atletian Navy have started their week-long joint military exercises at the Shiroumian Sea, Snarfian Sea, and the Atletius Sea focusing mainly on naval counter-attacks and operations sharing each other's experiences, expertise, and technologies aimed on improving their individual and joint military capabilities in the naval field involving their aircraft carriers, battleships, frigates, destroyers, cruisers, and submarines. Their respective army and air force branches have also joined the war games.

The Imperial Air Force and the Shiroumian Air Force have began their week-long joint military exercises at the western islands of the Shiroumian archipelago focusing mainly on their aerial counter-attack maneuvers and operations sharing each other's experiences, knowledge, and technologies aimed on improving their individual and joint military capabilities in the air involving their drones, fighter jets, attack helicopters, bombers, and strategic airlifts. Their respective army and navy branches have also joined the war games.

The Imperial Army and the Puolan Army have kicked off their week-long joint military exercises at the mountain ranges and vast grasslands of Puola focusing mainly on their ground attacks, covert maneuvers, tactical intelligence gathering and operations sharing each other's skills, knowledge, experiences, and technical know-how aimed on improving their individual and joint military capabilities on land, hills, mountains and other hostile zones involving their skilled soldiers, armoured personnel carriers, light tanks, main battle tanks, howitzers, amphibious vehicles, missile launchers, and other highly sophisticated weapons.

The Ministry of Defense appreciated the backing of Ireland, Aloia, New Zealand, and Snarfia but called for calm as the Akauni threats are minimal and the Lonbonian Government expressed its desire for limited foreign intervention. But the ministry said that the Imperial Navy has engaged the three hostile Akauni frigates, the moment they aimed their missiles at the Eurussian naval ships, with a covertly on-standby Virginia Class Attack Submarines that immediately fired one torpedo against the lead frigate, sinking it; two torpedoes against the second frigate, sinking it; and another two torpedoes against the third frigate, which tried to evade the battle zone but later sank due to heavy damage. All surviving Akauni insurgents were immediately captured from their life boats and is now in detention.
Great Eurussia

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European news / WAAF & WAPF news

Post  United States of Europe on Thu Dec 12, 2013 5:09 am

The WAAF is at the forefront, again
The organization is involved in Farshonia, after requests for help
There is also an operational action by the WAPF

A naval squadron of the WAAF, of European origin

The crisis in Farshonia, despite the strategic victories of the SECURS and of the local government continues to intensify.
After extensive consultations with stakeholders, the World Alliance Armed Forces (WAAF) decided to intervene to put an end to the conflict.
The decision was announced and appofondita in various details in an international press conference this morning.

Surely the Rapid Deployment Forces (the operating forces of the organization) will help, with their great preparation, with their massive mechanization and with their sophisticated equipment.
What that bodes well for another brilliant speech are the organization's past interventions, studded with successes.

The mission: Objectives and Goals

An air logistics team of WAAF, at the airport of Rome

This time, the organization will have the task of assisting and maintaining political, since the local state apparatus is still solid and free from enemy infiltration.

The main task of the forces in the field will be to eliminate the enemy forces with a purely offensive actions and operational witnessing the actions of SECURS and local forces.
The WAAF, for offensive operations, follow the strategy already prepared by the same SECURS.

Obviously, the robustness of logistic forces will only increase the military potential ally, strengthening the supply lines for operations.
In addition, the forces of the organization also take on the task of defending the nation's sensitive points, such as infrastructure, industrial areas and public buildings.
The organization will act in full cooperation with the SECURS, maintaining constant communication and intensive.

The mission: Structure and chain of command

Land forces of the WAAF in deployment

Operations, as reported by the organization,will be managed by Central Command of Operations (abbreviated CCO), which will be located at the government district of Rome, the capital of Farshonia, also including the airport.
The base ,equipped with the most advanced technologies, will manage the military operations of the organization and also the individual national forces in real time.

Employees from the latter, located in each of the areas of responsibility (entrusted by individual countries) in which the country was divided, there will be the Regional Commands for Operations (also known as RCO).
They will manage the operations of maintaining stability, the deployment, the procurement on a smaller scale.
These will also be equipped with highly advanced technologies, and will be located in correspondence of the largest centers for the deployment logistics, for reasons of safety and efficiency.

On a local scale, in each of the areas of responsibility, there will be many Territorial Commands for Operations (also known as TCO), which will be located at military bases larger and equipped.
They will manage a more extensive network of base camps, barracks and military bases of the organization.

The mission: The deployment

Heavy forces are advancing in support of the Allies

A closer look should be given to the deployment of forces.
As usual, impressive logistical efforts of teams are speeding up the start of the mission, ensuring, again as usual, the maximum efficiency and excellence.

Logistics forces are composed mainly of air squadrons of transport aircraft, are usually used imposingly the "C-17 Globemaster".
There are also several teams of transport ships and amphibious assault ships involved in the deployment of men, vehicles and equipment.
S local scale are used massively the "C-130", and, for high-speed and targeted transport, tactical transport aircraft "C-27J Spartan".

The operations take place in the main ports and airports in the country, where the forces are discharged in mass, with air and naval forces, as already mentioned.
From here, by air or land (road and rail convoys through), the forces are carried to the local logistical hubs.
And finally, these logistics centers, the forces are distributed throughout the territory.

During the mission, there will be continuous and progressive rotations of the unit, in order to constantly keep fresh troops on the ground, avoiding unnecessary stress caused by work, which may result in loss of morale and less professionalism.

The mission: support of the WAPF

Teams of the WAPF in action in Farshonia

Given the significant presence of public order problems in urban areas, has been prepared for the deployment of different teams in the World Alliance Police Force (WAPF).
These forces, trained and extremely professional, with large operational capabilities and modern and advanced equipment, will have the task of supporting the local authorities in the operations of public safety.

The unit will act almost independently of the forces of the WAAF, but nevertheless will be in close cooperation with local forces, supporting them in the normal tasks of public order.
The forces of WAPF will be deployed in the most sensitive places, such as infrastructure, government buildings or residential areas, and also in areas where there are major problems for security.

Full support from Europe

A squadron of Eurofighter Typhoon of the WAAF, of European origin

The Europehas been one of the biggest promoters of this initiative, aimed at ending the conflict in Farshonia.
The European Government, in a press conference held in the early afternoon today, he fully supported the actions of the organization, ensuring the highest political support.
In addition, as communicated by the Ministry of Defence, most of the forces of the organization, which is currently deployment, are of European origin.
Much of the funding for the mission also comes precisely from the national coffers.
United States of Europe
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Re: (FULL) WA International News Network

Post  New Tarajan on Thu Dec 12, 2013 5:28 am

New Tarajan and Antanares organizes massive military exercises in response to Eurussia
The Federation offers to pay half of the bill to the CoJ
The Kingdom proclaims ADIZ on the Shirouman Sea

"Eurussia is trying to make pressure on New Tarajan? This is our response". These are the words used by Prime Minister Esther Farah Rumaki while announcing in a press conference the beginning of joint military excercises between the Kingdom of New Tarajan and the Federation of Antanares.
"Eurussia has deliberately choosen to make three huge military excercises on our three borders. A move so childish, which demonstrate their harassment toward us. Maybe they hope that we would answer with another blockade. But, this, ladies and gentlemen, is our response. Antanares and New Tarajan will hold military exercises on the Shirouman Sea on land, air, and sea, under the SOWESO framework. The most powerful military State, Antanares, and one of the most powerful military countries, New Tarajan, will improve their joint operational capabilities, efficiency and efficacy, in order to be ready to react to any possible threat to the security of our countries and of the entire continent."
The military excercises, codename "Red Lion" will see the participation of the 6th, 7th and 1th Tarajani fleets (the latter directly coming from the patrols in the Atletian Sea), ten divisions of the Royal Army and many air squadrons and Mobile Suit teams; Antanares will deploy 6th and the 7th fleets, together with eight land divisions, supported by a huge amount of squadrons, Mobile Suits, and many teams of the famous and feared Antanaresian Special Forces. Such a deployment makes "Red Lion" the most impressive military excercises hold in the continent.
A demonstration of the military might of the two allies, and of the close friendship between Astana and Velikogovolka which is not possible to ignore.

The announcement of the military excercises came along a speech delivered to the Landraad by the Antanaresian Councilor of Economic Affairs, Countess Lorraine Vladikof, who is in Astana to negotiate an economic agreement with Helodine.
With a pleasant surprise of the auditorium, the Countess declared that "the Federation of Antanares will pay half of the fine imposed to New Tarajan, namely 80 billions. Since New Tarajan is our closes ally, and we firmly believe in the unfairness of such a verdict against such a noble and friendly country as New Tarajan."
The statement was welcomed by the Landsraad with a standing ovation.

The Landsraad applauding the speech of Council Vladikoff.

Also, the Kingdom of New Tarajan declared that it will enforce the creation of an Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) 5000 kilometers from the territorial waters of the Kingdom, in the Shirouma Sea. In this area, every suspected flying object or vessel will be requested to idenfity itself or intercepted by the Royal Air Force.
"This is a perfect legal measure, aimed to avoid that, once again, someone could try to threat us." commented a spokesperson from the Ministry of the Military: "Obviously we are not talking about an extension of our territorial waters, which is a completely (and illegal) thing. But we have the right to protect ourselves in time. And this is particularly a warn toward any country which could have the temptation to provoke us on this point: if any aircraft will fail to identifyy itself when requested, and if it will not demonstrate any cooperation with the authorities, we will feel ourselves obliged to act accordingly to ensure the safety of the Kingdom. Obviously, the traffic is completely free, and there will be no attempts, which would be illegal, to stop it; contrarily, this Air Identification Zone will help ensure the safety of civilian traffic in the area, providing help to every plane in difficulty and increasing the overall organization."
New Tarajan
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Re: (FULL) WA International News Network

Post  Atletius on Thu Dec 12, 2013 6:47 am



Transcript of interview
Jonathan Neils - Congratulations on your election victory Prime Minister, how confident were you. going into this election campaign.

Prime Minister Knight - Very, in the last term the government had done great things, our Economy had soared, our presence was keenly felt on the international stage, and the Atletian people were all benefiting.

JN - Now, a question the press has been dying to ask, what's your position on the Court of Justice case?

PM - The government remained, and remains, neutral to both parties, though we are glad the case has finally been resolved.

JN - What about these joint exercises with Eurussia, surely threatening New Tarajan?

PM - Not at all. These exercises were planned by the MoD weeks before the a Court a Case began, before even start of the Orenburg Crisis. We remain firm allies of both nations, as our membership of both NATO and SECURS is a testimony to,

JN - On the subject of SECURS, how far is Atletius willing to get involved with the Farshonian Conflict?

PM - Atletian troops are in Farshonia as we speak, as part of the WAAF and SECURS task-forces. We will get as involved as is necessary. The 1st and 3rd Fleets are aiding SECURS operations and the 2nd Army under the command of General Stewart are en-route to Farshonia. Atletius will aid it's allies.

JN - Thank you Prime Minister that's all we have time for this evening.

General Stewart, Commander of the Atletian contingent of the SECURS Task-Force.

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Re: (FULL) WA International News Network

Post  Ireland on Thu Dec 12, 2013 6:51 am

Emperors Palace Rebuilt
After the IRA bombing of Dublin many buildings were lest to rubble. But after the war  Parliament agreed to rebuild the mansion. It is now complete. The president celebrated by moving his family back into the house.

Prime Minister dead
Early on the morning a opposer of him broke in to the Prime Ministers house and killed him in his sleep. The cops were called at about 5 AM this morning reporting that he had been shot. But he wasn't dead yet. Ambulance rushed him to  St. Patrick's Hospital. The nurses and doctors operated on him and gave him medicine but it was no use. Prime Minister David Cameron died at 12 Noon.

Many people celebrate his death some grieve but fact is his approval ratings were at 30%. TO replace Cameron is Democratic Socialist Joe Higgins.

Irish Space Fleet completed
At 3 Pm today Minister of Space John Houston announced that Ireland's first space fleet was completed. With 50 ships 20 wars ships and 10 patrol ships and 1 command vessel the Fleet is set to explore space starting at 4 PM. They have launched and are soon to reach outer space.

Ireland supports WAAF intervention
Being one of the WAAF newest members. Ireland is new to the world stage. But after conflict started in Farshonia, Ireland wanted to intervene to help them. And when Higgins heard the news if a WAAF intervention he praised them and announced it on live television .
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Re: (FULL) WA International News Network

Post  Farshonian Empire on Thu Dec 12, 2013 5:54 pm


(Allied forces in the outskirts of Puerto Viento)

Wayze conflict is ended in Allied victory.Puerto Viento is about 78% of its city buildings are destroyed.But only 2 Rodriguez's family are captured named (Juan Rodriguez and Richard Rodriguez) and the Farshonian Intelligence that the 1 Rodriguez is confirmed : Felipe Rodriguez , the de facto leader of Nazis.The Farshonian Intelligence believes he is in Barcelona.

(Burning city hall at night)

(The rioters accidentally destroyed a gas station.)

The rioters dissolved the Barcelona city government and the Barcelona Police Department cannot halt their rioters cuz they lose morale from rioters by burning their HQ.

In both Lima and Milan , the rioters who have guns killed many police due to poor police training in both cities.In night , Lima and Milan airspace will be almost full of smoke due to burning buildings.The nonstop turmoil in these cities can lead to a riot-held city like Barcelona.

(Car bombings in Rome)

In Rome , the riots can cause severe casualties as they have guns and molotovs which can burn a building.But the Roman Police Department can solve this problem as they have better guns and training than those in Lima and Milan.There are also car bombings in the city.

The protesters are estimated about 1 million if both rioted cities were combined.
There are now major protests in Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia.The Farshonian forces move to riot-held cities to stop the revolution.

Several cities are now in turmoil.The empire change it's official flag.

Their are uprisings and riots now in towns and cities near Barcelona.Several propaganda from rioters was posted to Farshonian Internet which many will revolt.If this is getting worse , the emperor will allow any foreign nation to intervene the turmoil.
Farshonian Empire

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Eurussian News

Post  Great Eurussia on Fri Dec 13, 2013 2:23 am

As Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Elizabeth II, declares a week-long holiday for her Eurussian subjects, a historic moment for the world unfolds once again, in Eurussia, as world leaders in every corner of the world gather together for the first time in history at the Empress' favorite vacation residence, the Windsor Castle in the City of Bristol, Duchy of Windsor to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of the Eurussian Empress who personally extended an invitation to the emperors and empresses, kings and queens, princes and princesses, presidents and prime ministers, together with their spouses and families to join the nation in the celebration of the Empress Elizabeth II's 60 Years on the Eurussian Throne.
The historic and exclusive gathering of the national leaders of the most powerful and the most influential nations in the world is one of the highlights of the Diamond Jubilee showcasing Eurussia's unprecedented global status as a superpower capable of bridging and binding the world together in aiming for common goals and aspirations. In a sumptuous and glamorous State Banquet at the Windsor Castle, in honor of the leaders, Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Elizabeth II, delivered her personal message and address of appreciation.
"Thank you Your Majesties and Your Excellencies,

It is a great privilege for me to have all of you here whom I consider my dearest friends together with your families that you join me and my fellow Eurussians in celebrating a period of unwavering peace and prosperity for the Eurussian Empire. Allow me to accord you a humble break for all the matters that you have to face in the day to day activities of your respective great nations and enjoy a week exploring Eurussia.

I am also greatly moved, that despite of all the differences of our governments in attending to various policies that affect each other, most especially our peoples, you personally responded to my gesture of friendship and unwavering trust with which I am sure you will dearly keep for a continued prosperous friendship between our nations.

Again, thank you very much. Enjoy the food!"

United States of Europe
President Enzio Auditore

Greater People's Republic of Dromoda
President Xi Jinping

United Socialist Federation of Freedom Planita
Chancellor Charles Zheng

Kingdom of Atletius
King Luxor & Queen Cynthia

Prime Minister Ajax Knight

Elective Principality of Arveyres
Prince Perdite Michael & Princess Popular Oriane

Prince Oblius Rene

Princess Oblius Marie

Federation of Antanares
His Highness, the Prince of the Lands and the Isle of South of Antanares,
High Lord of Velikogovolka, Duke of Bravenburgh and Sevaristjy,
and Lord of the Order of the Start South, Andrei Frederych Delencourt

Empire of Articmainia
Emperor Fredrich Wallace

Social Democracy of New Zealand
Prime Minister Jacob Williams

United Newellian Federation
President Cody Kyle & First Lady Victoria Kyle

Empire of Ireland
Emperor Michael Higgins

Republic of Puola
President of Puola

Republic of Texania
President George Moosh

State of Shirouma
President Riko Nikanawa

Socialist Commonwealth of Europe & Asia
President Karl Ebner Weber & First Lady Claire Weber

Empire of Farshonia
Empress Maria and Emperor John I

United Kingdom of Marquette
King Frederic Vedois IV & Queen Therese Vedois,
Prince Charles Vedois & Princess Violette Vedois,
Princess Esmeraude Vedois & Prince Jean Joseph Vedois,
Prince Frederic Vedois V & Prince Mar Vedois

Kingdom of Yellasia
King Jack

Empire of Snarfia
President Jeremy Meinsma Junior

United Empire of Novo Canuckia
Emperor Alexei Kamenkov & Empress Hayley Kamenkov

Imperial States of Aloia
Empress Marina IV Victoria
Other invited leaders were the President & the First Lady of the United States of Schorr, the Emperor & the Empress of the Empire of Antarctika, the President & the First Lady of the Free Republic of New Paristan, the President & the First Lady of the Dictatorship of Panaulas, and the Supreme Comrade & the First Lady of the Comrades Union of Ivania. However, in the case of Queen Alicia of the United Kingdom of Lonbonia, the monarch was unable to personally attend the Diamond Jubilee as Lonbonia currently faces an internal conflict while Emperor John of Farshonia only stayed for a few days citing the internal chaos in Farshonia.
According to the Imperial Household Agency, all leaders and their families were personally invited by the Eurussian Empress and treated them with a week-long vacation in Eurussia where they were reportedly staying in various imperial palaces and residences of the Imperial Family and accorded with individual private jets, choppers, yachts, convoys and other luxuries fit for royal families and presidential families, all in the spirit of Diamond Jubilee. Analysts say that the all expense paid personal treat of Empress Elizabeth II to the heads of state and heads of government is an obvious yet tacit sign of her trust and gratitude to these leaders for maintaining an unwavering friendship and strong alliance with Eurussia.
Great Eurussia

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Re: (FULL) WA International News Network

Post  Ireland on Fri Dec 13, 2013 7:34 am

Nissan Car sales hit 5000
Today the sales were counted and Nissan car sales hit 5000. Rapidly becoming one of the largest car industries in the nation.

Emperor Declares Ireland in A recession
After the economic crisis about a week ago. The economy seems to be doing no better. In fact it seems to be doing worse. In a speech before departing for Eurussia Emperor Higgins said it will take time to recover. but the main fault of this is because of Northern Ireland. This is not my fault this is not the Prime Min Ministers fault let me remind you since the Prime Minister got in the tax rate has been lowered by 2% from 70% to 68%. First time in has been that low in 2 months.

Ireland congratulates Her Majesty for 60 years
Celebrations have been held all over the nation. In schools and in the homes people were happy to celebrate the leader of Ireland's greatest ally. Many pictures of the Empress were posted around the nation and on the Television. Such as this one from her coronation back in 1953.

and this one taken around the time of the Diamond Jubilee.

Whether we have pictures or not last night the Irish celebrated with firework and are to Celebrate again tonight. Ireland wishes the Queen another 60 years on the Throne. And wishes her to stay in good health.
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Re: (FULL) WA International News Network

Post  Farshonian Empire on Fri Dec 13, 2013 7:08 pm

End of Silva dynasty in Farshonian Empire.The economy of empire slowly collapse.Freedom Movement and White armies is founded.Uprisings in many cities and towns.THE FARSHONIAN CIVIL WAR BEGINS.

As riots in Rome worsen.Group of assassins in Silva's mansion brutally killed all the people in there including John , Maria and it's three children.After this event , the new imperial family will rule the empire the Betancur family.This makes people who loyal to Silvas to cry or even wants revenge against the Nazi by joining the Farshonian Armed Forces.

Many cities and towns are in chaos.This results a slow economic collapse due to internal chaos that cripple it's economy.Many business are closed and unemployment is rising to 2% this could make people lose morale and blamed the government by joining the newly founded "Freedom Movement" , it's leader are totally unknown.

(Official flag of Freedom Movement)

The foundation of "Freedom Movement" is now a main problem of the country , it is an armed civilians against the Silvas and other political families except the Juan Beltran , which it's goal to turn the empire to support Great Eurussia and against New Tarajan.This side is loyal to Juan Beltran.

(Official flag of White armies)

The White armies is a armed civilians who support New Tarajan against Great Eurussia and the Freedom Movement.This is a good or bad side.It's goal is to dissolve the Nazi Party , Communist Party and revenge against the killings of Silva dynasty.This side is loyal to Silvas.

The last Rodriguez member is still not found in Barcelona but there are proofs , he may hiding in Beltran's residence in Rio de Janeiro.

Many cities and towns after the Silva mansion massacre is now in chaos.Many join neither the army , White armies or Freedom Movement.The only place that is safe is the least populated borders of Planita.


During the Lima and Milan riots , the protesters now Freedom Movement capture both cities and they continue to Rome.This events made the White armies and to fight the 5 million Freedom Movements.The war is starting at Rome.

OOC : Freedom Movement has many members 4 million.While the White armies is approximately 2 million plus the army.Like the Chinese Civil War it also has many casualties.My nation is very populous so this civil war could be bloody.
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Re: (FULL) WA International News Network

Post  New Tarajan on Sat Dec 14, 2013 12:57 am

New-Zealand PM and Queen of Aloia get married in Astana!
The event during a three-days official visit of the two
New Tarajan supports new Betancour Dynasty in Farshonia: proposing a political solution

The capital city of New Tarajan today was witnessing a very surprising event: New-Zealand Prime Minister Williams and Queen Marina of Aloia get married, in the Kalihaan Temple, one of the most famous religious buildings of the world, and masterpiece of the ancient Ajan architecture.
The occasion for the marriage, which saw the participation not only of the entire aristocracy of the Kingdom, but also of thousands of normal citizens, was the an official three-days visit of the two Head of State in the Kingdom; another blow against the claim that someone could disrupt the international fame and credibility of New Tarajan.
King Friederick Wilhelm issued a brief speech during the ceremony, greeting "this new wonderful couple. It is an honour and a pleasure for me, to give to you our wonderful capital, Astana, and its ancient monuments and heritage as background for the most joyful day of your life, my dear friends." Following the tradition, the King also participated to the ceremony calling for a particular blessing of the Three Gods of Tarajan (Kilijali, Yaligham and Jahan, n.d.r.) over the new couple.
As a present from the King, Williams and Queen Marina have been appointed Duke and Duchess of Erjentold, a village not far from Astana, in the Horat region, famous for its wines, also receiving Erjentold Castle.

The Kalihaan Temple, where the ceremony took place.

The entire city of Astana joined the celebrations, with fireworks in the night, manifestations, and special shows, also on the streets.
The local authorities declared three-days holiday.

Erjentold Castle, near the Lake Horat.

But the marriage also marked the beginning of the State visits. The two Head of State, indeed, after an incredible Royal Banquet offered by the Royal House and the Landsraad, also hold extensive talks with King Friederick and the Royal Council on all the major issues of the moment. Particularly, new trade agreements have been signed with both countries. Not surprisingly, the economic ties with New-Zealand, which is already the first economic partner of the Kingdom, are strenghtened by these new agreements: only to make an example, the Kingdom will buy a complete new stock of police cars from Chrysler for the Royal Federal Police and many local polices all around the country. A deal which will increase the already wonderful success the New-Zealand automobile industry is enjoyng in New Tarajan: the sales of Chrysler increased of 20% only during the last week; moreover New Tarajan also shares with NZ one of the subsidiaries of the mark, Alfa Romeo.
With Aloia, together with new trade agreements, which will allow the financial sector of New Tarajan to boost the Aloian economy with specific investment projects (the same is also being planned for NZ), the King and the Queen signed a renewed Friendship and Alliance Treaty. The Imperial Union also announced its intention to join the military exercises New Tarajan and Antanares are doing in the Shirouma Sea. Aloia and New Tarajan will soon proceed also with the signature of new military agreements, particularly regarding joint cooperation, and technology-sharing: the Imperial Union will see very soon the extension, all over its territory of the powerful Tarajani Space Shield, the incredibly sophisticated and effective anti-missile system which already provide New Tarajan and Antanares with a virtually-complete defense against any kind of missile attack. The extension of the Space Shield will provide Aloia with a complete security against eventual pressures and threats of third countries with which the Imperial Union is living difficult relations, and will also create the opportunity for new infrastructure investments.
The two Head of State will attend during the evening a threatre show in the Opera Theatre of Astana, then they will depart for a visit to the most iconic places of New Tarajan: the ruins of Muraz, Merlberg, the Bakran Ziqqurat and the Shaby Mountains. Places with no comparison in the world, which made New Tarajan one of the most beautiful countries of the planet and an unchallenged touristic destination.

King Friederick accompanying Queen Marina at the entrance of the Kalihaan Temple, for the wedding.

The Tarajani government expressed its concerns over the new situation in Farshonia in an official note: "New Tarajan recognizes and supports the new Betancour Dynasty in Farshonia" said the note: "The attack against the Silva family is unjustifiable: New Tarajan, and its SECURS allies, will bring those criminals in front of the justice, with every necessary mean."
The note continued, stating that "the SECURS will increase its involvement in the resolution of this crisis, actively supporting the legitimate Farshonian government." About the recent birth of two, opposing factions, supporting New Tarajan (White Army) and Eurussia (Freedom Movement) the Royal Council declared that "this is not the moment for division, This is the moment to stand together, and fight the Nazis side by side. New Tarajan calls for an alliance of the two groups, political negotiations, and the support, from both of them, to the new Farshonian government, in order to make possible not only the defeat of the terrorists, but also to ensure a new future for the country. The SECURS will guarantee over the negotiations and the settlement agreement. Also, we call to the International Community to avoid any interference which could disrupt the possibility for a peaceful settlement of the disputes between the two factions, and to actively support the WAAF-WAPF mission."
Meanwhile, the SECURS forces increased their offensive, in order to finally crush the Nazis. Also, the ASSIS, the feared and terribly efficient Antanaresian intelligence agency, is beginning a terror campaign against the Nazi leadership in order to destroy their morale, and eliminate their high spheres.
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European news / WAAF & WAPF news

Post  United States of Europe on Sat Dec 14, 2013 6:36 am

News from operations WAAF in Farshonia

Forces of the WAAF (of European origin), with dogs, on patrol

Despite the Nazis are in trouble, it is still too early to declare victory, since Farshonia going through a new period of instability.
There are new uprisings in all the cities of the country, the infrastructure is at risk, and there were two new rebel factions.
But we see all the actions that the World Alliance Armed Forces (WAAF) and the World Alliance Police Force (WAPF) have fielded.

Joint actions of WAPF & WAAF: stabilization of the areas under government control and protection of civilians

Armored the WAAF (of European origin) are patrolling the streets of Farshonia
First, both organizations have requested to send further reinforcements, in order to increase the potential for war: the deployment of new troops is at full capacity, and should be completed by the evening.

In the meantime, both organizations have thoroughly mapped the territories under government control.
It is therefore proceeding with an increased military presence on the territory, especially by making more extensive network of operational bases, increasing the number of men and vehicles available, and increasing patrols.
Obviously, the local government is increasing security measures and protection.
In this way, public safety will be ensured, while the serene life can continue.

In the hottest points, will also be possible evacuation of the civilian population in case of danger,supported by WAAF and WAPF.
Local forces, supported by the WAAF and the WAPF, they are also creating adequate facilities to provide security, basic services (food, shelter, toilets and health services) and protection to the displaced population, or anyone in need.
Helping the population the risk of instability, this is strategy.

Actions of the WAAF: Protection of the strategic points

One of the operational bases of the WAAF (of European origin) established throughout the territory
Particular interest was given to the strategic points of the country.
Are therefore public facilities such as schools, hospitals or government buildings, but also densely populated areas.
Included in this definition also strategic infrastructure (ports, airports, roads, railways, underneath electric line), industrial areas and, more generally, the productive ones.

The WAAF has devoted extensive military contingents (many men and vehicles, chosen from among the most highly trained and prepared) for the continuous and constant surveillance of these areas, so as to discourage attacks or unstable situations.
All this, of course, in support of the local authorities.

The objective of this action is to salvcaguardare as much as possible the nation's economy by the conflict, in particular the axes infrastructure, the productive areas, shopping areas and the state structure.
Only by protecting the integrity of economic and administrative can avert the collapse.

Actions of the WAAF: Air and naval defence

A team of destroyers of the WAAF (of European origin), on patrol

The air forces of the WAAF have increased exponentially patrolling the airspace of the nation, in support to the local units.
All this in order to control air traffic and identify potential threats in time.
The advanced technology of air defense fighter of the organization (mainly Eurofghter and F-22), with the support of AWACS aircraft available, will be crucial.

Equally was increased naval presence in the territorial waters, species as in the ports and coasts most inhabited.
The highly advanced equipment for surveillance and missile defense, supplied to the fleet, will be crucial in this case.
All in support of local authorities, of course.

Actions of the WAAF: Installation of missile defense systems

PATRIOT missile systems of the WAAF (of European origin), in of Farshonia
Another strategic action of the organization is the mass installation of a missile defense system.
Systems represented mainly by modern SAMP-T and the efficient PATRIOT, which are in the process of mobilization, which will be located diffusely throughout the nation, and especially in sensitive areas.
These radar systems will be supported by the radar network of local forces, and the air and naval forces of the WAAF and of Farshonia, will form a defense system virtually inviolable.
In this way the missile threat can be averted.

Actions of the WAAF: Attacks to Nazi strongholds

A squadron of F-18 takes off from an aircraft carrier of the WAAF (of European origin)
In the meantime, started since the morning of the first real offensive operations directed against the Nazi strongholds scattered throughout the country.
The forces of the WAAF, supported by the allies of the SECURS and by the local forces of Farshonia, they started massive attacks.
Ground forces, trained, mechanized, equipped with modern equipment, have advanced rapidly into enemy territory.
Obviously, it is crucial the overwhelming air superiority and, where possible, the naval support.
It progresses rapidly, many strongholds have already been conquered.
For the moment, there were no allied losses, while the enemies are suffering heavy damage.
There are many wounded, even among the Nazis, however, are getting the treatment they need, and abound prisoners, who are being sorted out in the prisons of the country.
The information, however, are still too fragmented to have a complete picture of the situation.

The European Government ensures that Farshonia is stable

WAPF forces guarding a sensitive point in Farshonia
The European Government is now fully involved in the conflict in Farshonia, since they are there specific economic interests to be protected, and given that much of the military contingent of the two organizations (WAAF and WAPF) is precisely European.

In this regard, in a press conference held in the afternoon, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has assured that the strategies adopted in Farshonia allow you to bring the country out of the crisis in the short term.
In addition, it was pointed out that, despite everything, there is the risk of collapse of the economic system, much less the collapse of government structures, while the risk of humanitarian crisis is averted.
In short, for the Government there is no risk of failure for the battered state of Farshonia.

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Re: (FULL) WA International News Network

Post  Lonbonia on Sat Dec 14, 2013 5:21 pm


The situation in Lonbonia, army divisions of Lonbonia in red dots, army divisions of Akauni in blue dots, Assaulted-by-Lonbonia areas in yellow, GSC Arrowhead displayed in map above.

Here are the news of the Lonbonian Civil War.

69th and 35th LARs, along with the LSAF and 191st Regiment, has managed to successfully destroy the 91st Freedom Fighter Division, which gave Lonbonia the chance to annex a small part of the peninsula, marking successful strategy for the Lonbonian Army, and an increased chance of winning against the Akaunuan separatists.

But Lonbonian CoTM Alexander Morgans claimed this annexation as only 'a small part of the game, the real part comes from their capital city.' Which was found shortly 20 minutes ago, It was the City of Mantela, a medium-sized city with a population of 1,583,019, The city was dubbed as a huge generating factory of soldiers, which came from it's massive number of citizens being conscripted into the Akaunuan Military, Suggestion states that the Akaunuan Military size is estimated to be from 20,000 to 59,000. whilst the Lonbonian Military size ranges from 15,000 to 38,000 soldiers strong.

In with the 84th LAR and it's occupied area, a small unnamed regiment from Akauni invades the area to prevent blockage, and is currently in a combat with the 84th LAR, The situation is unclear.

In the northwestern side of Lonbonia, The results of fighting is going onto Lonbonia's favor, as more army divisions from main capital Kunera approach the fighting area, although the situation is unclear due to the massive army rates situated in the area.

Hoping that Akauni may get attacked from flanks, the famous GSC Arrowhead has sailed to an empty Northwestern Akauni area to dispatch choppers to attack the Akaunuan divisions situated in the Northwestern warzone from behind to gain extra chances of decisive victory.

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Re: (FULL) WA International News Network

Post  Farshonian Empire on Sat Dec 14, 2013 7:48 pm


(Pic is too big)


The 50 000 rebels in the so called "Freedom Movement" began to attack Rome in night.The Farshonian Forces deployed in there is only 7 000 strong plus the WAAF and WAPF.Car bombings and mortar attacks begin in southern districts which kills 400 Romans.The airport and the John's Palace is the main target of the rebels.In the outskirts of Rome , the White rebels fight hardly the "Freedom Rebels.Due to very poor equipment and training , the "Freedom" rebels can slams easy this Whites.


The Freedom Movement now declare the city their "main city".Because of this , many citizens join the White Army and so the big battle begins.Freedom Movement strength is : 140 000 while the Whites are : 100 000 supported by Farshonian Armed Forces : 3 000.

The offensive to Imperial Metropolitan Region is perhaps bloody with 7 000 Farshonian army trying to halt the Freedom Movement advance southward and westward.


The riots and protests in Latin cities in the West resulted many cities and towns are under Freedom Movement Control and they commence another offensive against the Whites and Farshonian Armed Forces : 200 000 while the Freedom Movement is : 700 000.


This front is the Whites only fighting the Nazis.The Whites suffer many defeats in the south and just 10 hours , most of the southern part of the nation is under Nazi control.The Whites side is 1 000 000 while the Nazi side is only 400 000.
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European news / WAAF & WAPF news

Post  United States of Europe on Sat Dec 14, 2013 10:15 pm

The WAAF began a massive offensive campaign against the enemies
Massive offensive against the Nazis, heavy blows inflicted on the rebel movements
All in defense of Rome, attempted of reconquest of Barcelona

Abrams tanks of the WAAF (of European origin), during deployment operations
Here come new news on several fronts active in Farshonia, and are certainly not good.
Despite the impressive works of defense fielded by the World Alliance Armed Forces (WAAF) and the World Alliance Police Forces (WAPF), the situation is not yet secure.
The Nazis, in the south, are still a problem, and various rebel groups continue to confront each other, causing destruction and instability.
For this reason, the two organizations, and in particular the WAAF, have stepped up attacks against the guerrillas Nazis, and led strategic attacks against the rebel factions.
Everything has to be added the extraordinary defense of Rome, and attempts to of reconquest of its suburbs.
But first things first.

Front south: Massive offensive against the Nazis

Attack fighter F-16 of the WAAF (of European origin), while conducting air raids against the Nazis
Continue offensive operations against the Nazis guerrillas, in the south of the country, supported by the decisive action of the forces of Farshonia and allies of SECURS.

The air force, composed primarily of attack aircraft "F-16", "F-18" and "Tornado" fighter-bombers, supported by several "C-130 Spectre" and two "AWACS", are conducting massive raids.
Bindings accurate, but highly destructive, that are hitting the enemy infrastructure (roads and other means of communication) and the operational bases, in order to hinder supplies.
Attacks are being carried out even against the enemy vehicles, the artillery and missile launch sites, in order to reduce the potential for war.

Meanwhile, ground forces, supported by overwhelming air superiority and artillery fire, are rapidly advancing in enemy territory.
Their preparation, organizational and technological superiority, the great mechanization and mobility are key factors in the victory of the forces of WAAF.
The enemies are suffering heavy losses, especially from the point of view of the vehicles, and different bases or strongholds have already fallen, while others are on the verge of surrender.
In any case, the enemy wounded are already receiving the treatment they need, while the prisoners are being sorted in the nation's prisons: their treatment will be human, despite the crimes they have committed.

Roman front: Organized defense of Rome, attacks to regain the hinterland

Armored the WAAF (of European origin) on patrol
The organizations are organizing a massive defense of Rome.
The city has been divided into several "Zone of Defense", in concentric circles.
In each area there are roadblocks permanent operating bases, checkpoint controls and other defense installations (places of artillery, missile defense systems, etc..), All to defend and better control of the city.
Consequently, the number of men and vehicles in the area has been increased, in order to strengthen the whole apparatus.
Aerial surveillance, carried out also with drones and helicopters, has been maximized, particularly in the most sensitive points.
The naval surveillance of the coast and the port area has been expanded, while the fleet was placed in a strategic manner in order to respond to attacks or to begin offensive operations.
The population, for greater security, is being evacuated in the most protected zones.

At the same time began counterattacks, conducted by land with the support of the air forces, the naval forces and artillery fire, from outlying areas.
The forces of the WAAF advance rapidly, while the enemies are suffering heavy losses, but the information is still fragmentary.

Western front: Strategic attacks against the rebels

A squadron of the WAAF (of European descent) leads to rocket attacks on rebels

The naval and air forces of the organization are conducting strategic attacks against enemy positions.
In particular, we are hitting the operational bases, vehicles and especially the tools used for supplies and logistics (stolen trains and helicopters, ground vehicles).
Priority goals are missile systems and artillery.
In a marginal way you are hitting infrastructure, especially roads and railways, to block the possibility of movement for enemies.
In this scenario even the artillery fire has been providing valuable assistance.

Weakened by strategic attacks, enemy forces recede quickly, suffering heavy damage.
The land forces of the WAAF advance rapidly, and already several cities were recaptured entirely.
However, the front is still open.

Barcelona front: Attempts to recapture the city

Armored forces of the WAAF (of European descent) advance into enemy territory
Are began air strikes against the city of Barcelona, ​​in particular against the infrastructure (airports, roads, railways and power lines), in order to reduce the possible enemy movements.
They're also hitting the enemy operating bases and their vehicles.
Supported by overwhelming air superiority, the forces of WAAF advance rapidly, inflicting serious damage to enemies.
However, the news is still too fragmentary to get an accurate picture.
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Re: (FULL) WA International News Network

Post  Texania on Sat Dec 14, 2013 11:16 pm

George Moosh visits beland!

In an effort to help rebuild be land,George Moosh has decided to survey the land and come up with an estimate for repairs.He has estimated that it will cost 25 billion $ to return beland to its previous status.An estimated 3 million people Are homeless,but the restoration will provide homes for 2.5 million of them.Beland has recently elected a new president as well,George Call

A Summary of the civil war.

In the texanian civil war,over 3.5 million people fled the country,creating a refugee crisis that still is a problem.Over 560,000 died,And 1/3 of these died in austinia,which is now a ghost town.Over 100,000 people gained immobiliSing injuries,and 7,600+ foreign civilians were killed.About 30,000 foreign military personnel also died.


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Re: (FULL) WA International News Network

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