Vote FOR Security Council Resolution: Condemn Lazarus

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Vote FOR Security Council Resolution: Condemn Lazarus

Post  UnitedStatesOfScouting on Tue Nov 11, 2014 5:19 pm

World Alliance Members,

Though I doubt the end result will change, I plead to you to vote FOR this resolution to condemn the Region of Lazarus. Clearly they abuse their people and don't allow anyone to stand up to their oppressive regime. I will quote a part of the Resolution that absolutely stunned me; "The Lazarene government exercises "brainwashing" tactics to maintain control over its own people and to prevent rebellion; this technique involves using false statements and propaganda to create the illusion that Lazarus is a utopian existence, and that all other regions, excluding close allies, are incompetent, incorrect, and misguided, and need to be destroyed"

I voted FOR this resolution as I would never want to see anything of the sorts happen in this region or basically anywhere for that matter. I hope that The Grand Empire of Xolox hears my plea to vote FOR this resolution, as I've endorsed him to entrust him with such matters. I am disappointed to hear that our delegate has voted AGAINST this. If you have any reasons to support your vote, I am more than willing to hear them.

Best Regards,
Durion Jarno
President of The United States of Scouting
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